Kemy Apologizes for Her Diss Song Against Park Bom Saying It Wasn't Intentional

A.KOR’s Kemy apologized for her diss track against 2NE1’s Park Bom, saying she did not mean to attack the female singer.

During an interview with Star News, Kemy said, “I never made the song with malicious intentions.”

“I never meant to make the song, it just kind of happened,” she added. “It’s not a representation of how I truly feel about her. It was wrong and shortsighted of me to release the song.  I would like to sincerely apologize to Park Bom.”

“Kemy did not make the diss track on purpose,” said the other members of A.KOR as well. “She is a very kind hearted and pure girl. The diss song was not her decision.”

Last summer, Kemy released a diss song against Park Bom after she had been caught for bringing in 80 pills of amphetamines from the United States through international mail.

In the song “Do The Right Thing,” she harshly criticized Park Bom through lyrics such as, “Your bloated face,” “At that point it’s addiction, STOP IT,” “Any typical Gangnam beauty,” “You’re weak and into drugs,” and “Who is looking after your excuse?”

Meanwhile, A.KOR, who debuted last year, released their new song “Always” on January 30. This song shows a brighter and more loveable side of the group compared to their previous images.

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