Lady Jane Disappointed at Not Meeting Yoo Seung Ho on “I Live Alone”

On January 30th’s episode of “I Live Alone“, singer Lady Jane received an invitation to professional StarCraft player Hong Jin Ho‘s housewarming gathering.

Announcer Jun Hyun Moo told Lady Jane that one of the housewarming guests was an actor who “stands tall” with actors like Kim Soo Hyun and Kim Woo Binand Lady Jane presumed that she would meet actor Yoo Seung Ho, who is equally popular as those actors.

Lady Jane’s peak of anticipation diminished when she realized that the mysterious guest was in fact, actor Shim Hyung Tak, who is physically as tall as the two actors mentioned by Jun Hyun Moo. Lady Jane and Shim Hyung Tak already knew each other, having met through various show programs on which they appeared together.