Top Ten K-Drama Moments Of The Week - February Week 1

With the past week’s torrent of K-drama offerings, our idea of romance just got loftier and our appreciation for poignancy and humor is greater. You might feel the same way when you look at our top 10 moments!


1. “Healer”: Love, it isn’t just a dream

Almost everything a diehard romantic could ask for could be found in the first ten minutes of episode 15 of “Healer.”

Young Shin finally discovered Jung Hoo‘s real identity, and the two didn’t squander a second of their time together as a new couple. We were a squeal away from fainting as Jung Hoo fastened himself to Young Shin in bed, on the couch, and in the kitchen. No matter what she was doing, Jung Hoo snuggled up to her, confirming to himself that he was really living a dreamlike fantasy. And when it was time for her to go home, he got on the bus with her for more cuddling, at least till the next stop.

While the bad guys still have to be fought, we could have lived with a full hour of fan service!

2. “Punch“: Appa, don’t die!

The major theme that connects the villains and heroes of this drama is the love of family. Whether you’re driven by greed or justice, there’s always someone you love more than yourself. So, our hearts broke when little Ye Rin finally learned of her father’s fate. We cried along with her as she begged him not to leave her, and Jung Hwan promised to spend the rest of his days with her.

3. “Kill Me, Heal Me“: Save

Do Hyun was prepared to let Ri Jin go, refusing to let her be involved in his life or treatment any further for fear she may end up being seriously hurt. When he drives by the building his alter personality, Yo Sub, almost jumped from, he makes a stop and heads to the roof. There he sees the message Yo Sub left but with a change: someone has painted over the word “kill” to now read “heal,” and he knows Ri Jin is the one who did it.

His eyes fill with tears, as did ours.


4. “Healer”: You’re not a bad person

We’re not a huge fan of misunderstandings that are designed solely to keep an OTP apart. So, it’s a breath of fresh air that it didn’t take Young Shin long to remember what type of person Jung Hoo is. Even while she begs him to find evidence that his father didn’t kill hers, she makes it clear that it doesn’t matter; she wants him to come back to her even if he doesn’t find anything. It’s a stirring moment, topped off with a hug and a kiss. We aren’t the only ones surprised by their open affection. LOL. Check out the faces of the two men behind them!

5. “Kill Me, Heal Me“: Who are you?

We feel bad for Cha Do Hyun as his body houses multiple personalities, but the recent introduction of 17-year-old female Yo Na had everyone convulsing in laughter. This personality is a normal teenage girl, who is obsessed with fashion, pimples, and her favorite idols. Fighting her way through a crowd, she comes face-to-face with her idol oppa and squeals, bouncing in excitement. You can imagine our reaction seeing a grown man doing this!

Poor Ri Jin is left to chase her down, which results in an all-out hair-pulling brawl. Yo Na might now be our favorite alter personality!

6. “Valid Love“: Family matters

As her prognosis of dementia set in, Hee Tae‘s mother decided not to be a burden. In a tearful goodbye to her daughter, she asked if she would like to go with her, to which Hee Soo agreed. What followed was a heartbreaking scene of a mother trying to smother her beloved daughter with a pillow.

We were on the edge of our seats as we desperately hoped someone would step in and stop a double tragedy. Luckily, Il Ri was able to show up in time, saving both women from their horrible choice.

7. “Shine Or Go Crazy“: He remembers!

One major disadvantage of spending your wedding night veiled is not having your husband recognize you when you meet five years later. To make matters worse, Shin Yool presents herself as a man to her one-night groom, Wang So. Logic be damned, she is pissed when after spending time together involving a ton of shenanigans, he doesn’t reference their special night fondly … till he passes out and she sees that he is carrying the jade pin she gave him. He didn’t forget her! All that’s left is devising a plan to get this now twice-married man back into her life. We can’t wait!

8. “Heart to Heart”: Resitance is futile

Confident that her heart belongs to Doo SooCha Hong Do is set on not doing something he hates. Yet every attempt she makes to ignore and take her mind off Yi Suk  has simply delayed the inevitable. In the end, she goes to Yi Suk with the expressed desire to hug him, though she can’t understand why. He’s more sure about his feelings as he opens his arms for an embrace and plants her a kiss! This couple is hard not to love!

9. “The Legendary Witch“: Take that!

Her jealousy of Soo In and Woo Suk‘s romance festers Joo Hee like an infected wound. So, when she sees Soo In sign a contract to supply her baked goods to a company, Joo Hee uses the backing of Shinhwa and steals the new client. At Shinhwa’s lobby, Soo In confronts Joo Hee, who spews her malice. Fed up, Soo In slaps her.

Soo In has long-suffered from her abuse, so, pardon us for indulging in a bit of schadenfreude when Joo Hee got her smackdown.

10. “Hyde, Jekyll, Me“: You can’t escape 

After Robin learns that Seo Jin has kicked Ha Na and her circus out of Wonderland, he plays a little trick on him. The next day Seo Jin wakes up to the funniest surprise: the sight of Ha Na, her circus co-workers, and lots of luggage. It turns out that the night before, Robin posed as Seo Jin and signed a contract allowing Ha Na to stay and move into Wonderland. LOL.

Having another personality is definitely a handful; however, we are enjoying how Robin defies Seo Jin, who is learning that it won’t be easy to get rid of Ha Na or his alter.

That’s all for this week, friends, but let us know your top scenes from the current K-dramas!

Till next time!

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