GOT7’s Jackson and EXO’s Tao Suffering Ankle Injuries from “Idol Star Athletics Championships”

Although MBC’s Lunar New Year special “Idol Star Athletics Championships” finished the first day’s filming without any injuries, the second day did not go as smoothly as the first.

On January 2, EXO’s Tao participated in sports competitions such as archery, futsal, track events, and basketball. While playing basketball for his team, Tao injured his ankle, and had to receive first-aid treatment. After the game, Tao visited a local hospital and received more treatment. His agency told reporters, “After yesterday’s game Tao received emergency treatments and is now taking a break at home. The injury was not severe but he will receive more treatments after a thorough examination if necessary.”

Tao reassured his worried fans through Instagram saying, “I was more energized because of [the fans]. I am okay, so don’t worry. Nothing happened. And I am very proud of myself. I played the game until the end,” and also thanked Super Junior’s Kangin and GOT7’s Jackson for playing the basketball game with him.

Jackson also suffered a minor ankle injury while running for track and field part of the show. He got first-aid treatment and immediately went to a local hospital. A spokesperson of his agency commented, “Many fans are worried about Jackson’s ankle injury. He received emergency treatment, and will receive more treatments today. The injury is not serious so when he gets the treatments, he won’t have problems with future activities.”

Meanwhile, it was reported that SHINee’s Minho and BEAST’s Doojoon were almost injured also, and worried many fans of idols who are participating in the sports events.

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