2AM’s Jinwoon Admits on “Dating Alone” Having “Three to Four” Girlfriends so Far

During the filming of “Dating Alone,” 2AM’s Jinwoon revealed the number of girlfriends he had so far.

In the episode, Jinwoon freezes up after being asked a chilling question by his virtual girlfriend, A Pink’s Jung Eunji. She playfully asks Jinwoon, “How many girlfriends have you had before me?” with smiling eyes. After thinking it over for a moment, Jinwoon finally says, “I’ve had three to four girlfriends so far,” surprising other MCs and Jung Eunji with his honest, yet ambiguous, answer.

Throughout the episode, Jinwoon and the other MCs try to avoid the girlfriend’s prying questions by showing off different tactics they learned from past dating experiences.

Check out the new episode of JTBC‘s “Dating Alone” February 7 at 11 p.m. KST