Top Ten K-Drama Moments Of The Week - February Week 2

Another week has gone by, and again, there was plenty of action, tearjerkers, and sidesplitters in K-dramaland, but which ones stood out from the others?

1. “Punch“: The end is near

*sniff* *sniff* Damn these onions!

Jung Hwan (Kim Rae Won)’s imminent death has a strong presence in this drama but that doesn’t mean we were prepared for this scene. We couldn’t stop the tears when his sister explained how several symptoms he’s currently experiencing means he’s only got three weeks left to live. Is it wrong that we suddenly want him to give up on his mission and simply spend his last days in the loving arms of his family?

2. “Healer“: Just call her!

Raise you hand if you also talk to wuri Healer in your imagination: “Jung Hoo-ahh!”

We were delighted that the recent misunderstanding between Young Shin (Park Min Young) and Jung Hoo (Ji Chang Wook) didn’t last long; we don’t want anything getting in between them. In spite of that, one of our favorite scenes was the conversation our OTP had in their heads and the way they both kept checking their phones, waiting for the other to call. So cute!

3. “Valid Love“: Eternal friends

Seeing a vision of Il Ri (Lee Si Young) dressed up for backpacking and telling her good bye as she got ready to go far away, Hee Soo (Choi Yeo Jin) realized something was wrong and woke up from her dream. It was then her spirit visited her sister-in-law, who was still in a coma. Hee Soo told Il Ri to wake up and live, adding that she will go in her place.

We could feel every part of their friendship as she told Il Ri that she was her greatest gift and best friend. Although we were sad that Hee Soo died, we were happy she got the peaceful death she wanted, now free from her prison-like body.

We will miss this sistermance as we enjoyed the times they had together.


4. “Healer“: Be gentle with me

He has fearlessly faced deadlier situations before, but we’ve never seen Jung Hoo quite as genuinely terrified as when he tried to introduce himself as Young Shin’s boyfriend to her dad, seeking his blessing.

Perhaps Jung Hoo shouldn’t have impulsively jumped into the challenge as Dad, who was still grappling with the image of our hero brazenly kissing his daughter in front of him, was hankering to whoop his butt. Things only got worse for Jung Hoo when Dad realized that Young Shin had spent the night with him. Powerless to stop her father, all Young Shin could do was quietly apologize to Jung Hoo while she slurped down a sundae, even with the noise of her boyfriend’s ordeal clattering throughout the cafe. We suppose there are some things you can’t do for love!

5. “Shine or Go Crazy“: Let’s be blood brothers!

What happens when a straight man finds himself strangely drawn to a suspiciously feminine man he doesn’t want to part with? He proposes that they become blood brothers!

We loved this scene because we got to hear the kind of declaration of love normally reserved for the later half of the series. Be still our hearts and poor Shin Yool (Oh Yeon Seo)’s who has fallen so deeply in love with him that she’s willing to continue to pretend to be a man to maintain their friendship. We can’t wait till Wang So (Jang Hyuk) realizes that his new blood brother is really his first wife.

6. “Kill Me, Heal Me“: Give me your oppa’s number!

This past week, the laughs continued with Yo Na, Do Hyun (Ji Sung)’s seventeen-year-old female alter personality.

Thinking the seven-year-old alter Na Na had appeared, Ri Jin (Hwang Jung Eum) searched the house but discovered Yo Na in her bedroom instead, wearing her pajamas and going through her clothing. When Yo Na found one of Ri Jin’s family photos, she immediately set her sights on Ri On (Park Seo Joon), asking who he was and then demanding her cell phone so she can get his number. We love Yo Na!

7. “Heart to Heart“: Grandpa vs. Grandson

To make a living, Hong Do (Choi Kang Hee) has disguised herself as her grandmother, taking a job at the of home of Yi Suk (Chun Jung Myung)’s grandfather. As she spends time with him, the grandfather falls for Hong Do and decides to ask her to live with him. LOL. To make matters worse, Yi Suk suspects his grandfather’s fondness for his elderly companion, and so, he follows them on their date. However, when he calls Hong Do, realizing they are in the same restaurant, he quickly finds out she is that elderly woman. This is the most hilarious, if not the strangest, love triangle we’ve ever seen!

8. “The Legendary Witch“: No fair lady

Still posing as the ladylike Yoko OnoYoung Ok, nearly blew her cover at the spa when the masseuse placed hot stones on her back while she slept. Immediately, she jumped up cursing and questioned whether she was in prison. It was only when she noticed a shocked Joo Ran that she realized her mistake. She covered up her outburst fairly well, leaving her young companion none the wiser.

Watching Young Ok show her true colors and let out a string of curses had us laughing in tears!

9. “Hyde, Jekyll, Me“: Me vs. Me

Mistakenly believing he was RobinHa Na confessed her feelings to Seo Jin, who used this opportunity to ruin his alter’s love life. Seo Jin started by neglecting to reply to her message and then, leaving the pension with just a note about an emergency. Further exacerbating the situation, Seo Jin hacked into Robin’s phone, removing Ha Na’s messages to keep Robin clueless about the latest developments. Unfortunately, Robin was ill-prepared to deal with the aftermath after learning about her confession, especially as he was still unaware of the deleted messages.

What Seo Jin did was a clear blow, damaging Robin’s good guy reputation. We guess this was pay back for all the times Robin sent Seo Jin into a fit.


10. “Sweden Laundry”: That didn’t take long!

Although Young Mi and Eun Chul recently began dating, they’re already experiencing opposition from their mothers. So, Young Mi runs away from home and Eun Chul hides her in his room. Although they are caught and forced to break up, they soon realize fate has something else in mind: Young Mi is pregnant!

We know it only takes once, but these two haven’t been dating for more than a week! We’re amazed by how quickly things have advanced for these two, and we anticipate the storm when their big news is revealed.

That’s all for now! Catch us again next week for a fresh top ten, and please, shout out your favorites!

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