Writer of “My Love from the Stars” in Talks for Writing a New Drama with Former “Gag Concert” PD

Suh Soo Min, a successful variety PD, is planning a new drama about variety shows and Park Ji Eun, the writer of multiple hit dramas including “My Love from the Stars,” will be involved as well.

Suh Soo Min, PD of hit variety shows “Gag Concert” and “1 Night, 2 Days” is planning a drama that tells the story of people in the variety show industry. The drama will be written by variety show writers, and is to be broadcast before June.

Park Ji Eun, who wrote hit dramas such as “My Wife Is a Superwoman,” “Queen of Reversals” and “My Love from the Stars,” will be involved with the production of the new drama. Some report that she will be proofreading the scripts but KBS variety officials were careful to say that she was not yet contracted to be part of the production but she and Suh Soo Min have been in discussion to work together.

The variety PD and Park Ji Eun have a history together. In fact, when Park Ji Eun received an award for writing drama “My Husband Got a Family” at 2013 KBS Drama Awards, she thanked Suh Soo Min PD while giving her acceptance speech.

Dramas made by PDs and writers from the variety world may be becoming a trend, started by Shin Won Ho PD and writer Lee Woo Jung, who worked on variety shows but became drama successes through “Reply 1997” and “Reply 1994.” With Suh Soo Min PD and writer Park Ji Eun working together, perhaps this variety drama will be as successful as the “Reply” series.

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