INFINITE H Wins on M!Countdown with “Pretty”

INFINITE H took home the trophy this week on M!Countdown with their new track “Pretty.” By a single point, they edged out Zion.T & Crush‘s “Just” for the top spot.


4Minute had their first music program comeback stage today with “Cut it Out” and title track “Crazy.”
Performances:INFINITE H, Jonghyun, 4minute, Lizzy, Nine Muses, T-ara + SPEED + The Seeya + Sunghee, MYNAME, Eddy Kim, GFRIEND, U-KISS, Zion.T & Crush, Berry Good, The Nuts, JJCC, Super Cool Guy.

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Jonghyun – Deja Boo

4minute – Cut It Out + Crazy

Lizzy – Not an Easy Girl

Nine Muses – Drama

T-ara + SPEED + The Seeya + Sunghee – Don’t Forget Me