Spreading the Love: Random Acts of Kindness by Korean Celebrities

Random Acts of Kindness Week was from February 9-15 in the US, with today, February 17, as the Random Act of Kindness Day. This day is to celebrate not the biggest donation to charity or the heroic deeds of the larger-than-life figures, but the smallest and unplanned acts of generosity, patience, service, and love from one human being to another.

It’s easy to ignore plastic bottles thrown carelessly into the street, or an old woman struggling up the stairs, and just go about your day. But in celebration of Random Act of Kindness Day, we’re bringing you a few stories of random acts of kindness by Korean celebrities, who chose to spread love and charity with impromptu actions when the situation came up.

Celebrities Helping out Someone in Need

1. Han Ji Min helps an injured actress by taking her to a hospital.

When one of the supporting cast of the drama “Yi San” burned her face on set, Han Ji Min insisted she should go to a hospital immediately. After taking her to a near by street away from the filming set, Han Ji Min asked a taxi driver to take the person to a hospital and paid for the cab herself.

2. Park Myung Soo helps out an old lady struggling to go up stairs.

Kim Tae Ho PD of “Infinity Challenge” uploaded the following picture on Twitter of Park Myung Soo assisting an elderly lady when she was struggling to go up the stairs.

park Myung Soo

3. Henry gives expensive gift certificates to a poor woman. 

Super Junior-M‘s Henry helps out a poor woman selling snacks in a subway station. Although in a hurry to catch the next train, Henry decides to take a little time giving this lady some expensive gift certificates. Read more about it here.

Volunteering to Do Something Others Won’t Do

1. Yoo Jae Suk stays behind to clean trash after “Running Man” and “X-Man” filming

New accounts of witnessing Yoo Jae Suk‘s kindness seem to be popping up every day. Some fellow celebrities also attested to his generous personality. So it is not surprising that after filming of an “X-Man” episode and “2013 Asian Dream Cup” special of “Running Man,” he stayed behind to clean up trash rather than taking a break with others.

yoo jae suk cleaning trash

2. Sean picks up trash from the street in “Superman Returns”

After running 10km with Song Il Gook and the triplets, Sean picked up trash inside the track when his child pointed out that the street was dirty.


Real life heroes- celebrities to the rescue

1. Defconn catches a thief.

Defconn caught a man who was running away with a woman’s purse when the victim yelled out “Thief!” He turned the man over to the authorities.


2. Almeng’s Lee Hae Yong stops a man assaulting an elderly woman. 

Seeing an elderly woman getting assaulted by a drunk man, Lee Hae Yong stopped the assailant and called the authorities to turn him in. Read more about it here.

3. Lee Kwang Soo helps out an old couple assaulted by a drunk man

In 2009, when Lee Kwang Soo was still a model, he found an elderly couple who were passed out beaten by a drunk man. He quickly called the police and acted as a witness for the couple.

They say one act of kindness leads to another, so on this day (and everyday), don’t forget to spread the love!

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