Man Crush Monday: February's Mystery Reveal

Happy Mystery Reveal Day, Soompiers! Are you excited?! This month’s nominees came from the four previous Man Crush Monday articles: January’s Mystery Reveal, Kang Hyun Woo from “Save the Last Dance for Me,” Lee Hwi Kyung from “My Love From the Stars,” and Byung Jung In from “Mary Stayed Out All Night.”

It’s a month of pleasant surprises because I received a wonderful eleven nominations, but eight of them were for the same man! Why do I sense a conspiracy going on here? Haha! Without further ado, here’s our nominees.

MCM_Mystery_Kang Ji Woon_01

To be honest, I didn’t get a chance to watch “Healer” yet, so when I saw the abundance of Ji Chang Wook nominations, I ended up marathoning the drama over the course of three days since the odds were definitely in his favor. Finishing just in time to make my random draw, our February’s Mystery Reveal turned out to be…

MCM_Mystery_Kang Ji Woon_02

Kim Ji Suk! … With only a measly 9% chance of getting selected! I almost fell over in complete surprise!

The Soompier who nominated Kim Ji Suk was really crushing on his character from “I Need Romance 2012,” but, unfortunately, I haven’t seen it yet. Luckily, her second choice crush was Kang Ji Woon from “Angel Eyes” and I adored him there!

Here’s my five reasons why. (Spoilers ahead.)

1. He’s a fantastic doctor.

MCM_Mystery_Kang Ji Woon_Doctor

Even though it wasn’t his dream and even though he only became a doctor because of how much his mother pushed him into it, Kang Ji Woon still excelled at his career. With patience, friendliness, and intelligence, Kang Ji Woon and his staff saved countless lives with their skills and team work.  They worked together as a dedicated team, in full sync with one another, and remained up to date and consistent in their care for their patients. It’s clear that they have a genuine concern for the people who are taken to Se Young Hospital and helping them in any way possible is always their main priority.

2. He doesn’t settle for half truths.

MCM_Mystery_Kang Ji Woon_Truths

Kang Ji Woon is probably as upfront and honest as they come. When he felt that something seemed off about the death of a past patient, he began digging for more details. Although his mother tried to stop him, Kang Ji Woon wouldn’t be deterred and it was with absolute determination that he uncovered the truth. When his world threatened to collapse around him and when he realized the insane lengths his mother was willing to go to protect what was hers, he still sought for legitimacy and justice. For Kang Ji Woon, he wants nothing but the truth! Always.

3. Kang Ji Woon doesn’t allow the professional and personal line to blur.

MCM_Mystery_Kang Ji Woon_Lines

Well, for the most part. Although he did blur those lines when it came to Yoon Soo Wan breaking protocol by calling for his aid in advance while in an ambulance, it was for good intentions. With Park Dong Joo; however, that was never the case. Kang Ji Woon might have felt bitterness, resentment, and sadness that his love had left him for his co-worker, but he didn’t let that affect the work being done at the hospital. When a patient, Yoon Soo Wan’s father, needed emergency surgery, Kang Ji Woon placed his trust in Park Dong Joo, despite the unfortunate circumstances they were in.

4. Kang Ji Woon genuinely wants to protect the women he loves.

MCM_Mystery_Kang Ji Woon_Protect

For his mother, he was willing to admit to murder in her place to protect her and her reputation. For Yoon Soo Wan, he honestly wished for her happiness, even if it wasn’t with him. It wasn’t out of spite or hatred that he tried to get Park Dong Joo to leave her, but because he knew how hurt she would be, affecting her happiness, her sanity, and even altering her thoughts on the miracle she received, when she eventually found out the truth about what happened to Park Dong Joo’s mother. Kang Ji Woon knew that the longer Park Dong Joo decided to stay by her side, the more likely it would be that the truth would slip out, so he attempted to drive them apart. It wasn’t for himself, but for the woman he loved and wanted so desperately to protect.

5. Kang Ji Woon loved and respected his mother until the end.

MCM_Mystery_Kang Ji Woon_Mother

Despite everything she had done, Kang Ji Woon never looked at his mother with disgust or hatred. He finds his own redemption in performing charity work and traveling to countries in need of doctors, but always returns to his mother so that she may find her own redemption. He cared for her and loved her through a thick barrier, but it was effective. He knew how to get her to finally let go of her need for perfection, for the flawless family, and for the son who excelled at everything. Kang Ji Woon was able to save his mother and let her see that it was best to just love him for who he is because he’s always just been at his best.

Soompiers, which Kim Ji Suk’s role was your favorite and how would you rank his Kang Ji Woon character? Let me know in the comments below and remember, now is as good a time as any to nominate for our next Man Crush Monday’s mystery reveal, set to take place in April!

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