Top Ten K-Drama Moments Of The Week - February Week 3

A favorite show graces our top 10 for the final time, leaving us with more fond moments than we can squeeze in this list, but we must also make space for other dramas, which gave us lots of exciting scenes that we had in a constant cycle of play, pause, and repeat.


1. “Healer“: Things We Like … Ji Chang Wook’s Kisses

We can’t believe “Healer” is over, but there are always new dramas to catch up on … Or we can be the ultimate fanatics and re-watch “Healer.” LOL. Our favorite moments from the finale are really too many to count. What we loved: the kisses, Myung Hee finally leaving Moon Sik, the kisses, Detective Yoon flirting with Hacker Ahjumma, the kisses, Jung Hoo‘s shock at meeting Ahjumma face-to-face, the kisses, the bad guys being handcuffed, and of course, the kisses. We especially enjoyed Young Shin flirting with Jung Hoo as he photographed her which then led to a kiss! From the look in Young Shin‘s eyes, it was clear she wanted MORE, and we agree with her 100%. We understand. It’s the power of Ji Chang Wook.

2. “Kill Me, Heal Me“: OTP Unscripted Rap Battle

This past week, Ri Jin managed to talk bad boy alter Se Gi into dressing like Do Hyun and behaving himself at work, but it didn’t last beyond the entrance into the building. When he noticed she was carrying the handbag his mother purchased for her, he demanded she get rid of it. After she refused, he yanked off the tie she forced him to wear, throwing it on the ground. Their fight about the tie and handbag soon turned into a hilarious rap battle.

We heard this particular scene wasn’t in the script; it happened naturally on set between Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum. Knowing this has increased our respect for these two artists, who are just killing their roles. Can anyone mention another drama where the OTP had a rap battle?!

3. “Punch“: Under the bus you go!

Oh happy day! Granted, this came as a result of an awesome setup by Jung Hwan and the gang, but it was oh so satisfying!

When push comes to shove, Lee Tae Joon doesn’t hesitate to betray his devoted underlings to save his own neck. So, we love how the distrust of his faithful servant led to him digging his own grave. Right on, Gang Jae! Expose him to the whole world! Nothing feels better than watching villains turn on one another.

4. “Heart to Heart“: Missed chance

Despite Doo Soo‘s desire to hold onto Hong Do, he has finally decided to let her go. He knows he can love her forever, and so, wait for the same length of time, but he’s aware that it makes her uncomfortable. All he can do now is say goodbye.

Hong Do is Doo Soo’s “one that got away” since he once held a place in her heart. but sadly, before they could even begin, things came to an end with a simple farewell kiss.

5. “Shine or Go Crazy“: What must be done

We can’t get enough of these two! We also can’t understand how Wang So can’t tell that Shin Yool is a woman when she doesn’t even bother to bind her breasts. Dude, she looks like a woman, sounds like a woman, and has boobs! And you still can’t connect the dots?!

Recently, Wang So was hurt when he simultaneously tried to protect Shin Yool and engage in a sword fight. Panicked, Shin Yool did her best to save him by tending to his wound and risking her life to feed him medicine.

The jury is still out on whether the kiss scene that literally involved swapping spit is sexy or not. Our guts say no, but we loved it for other reasons. These two are increasingly finding it difficult to live without each other.


6. “Healer”: You betta’ recognize!

In the final episode of “Healer,” Young Shin‘s dad and Coffee Bay barista, Chul Min, were finally treated to Jung Hoo‘s show-stopping action skills when he rescued them from the Elder’s goons, who had ambushed the coffee shop. Dad and Chul Min stared in awe when the man they knew as a wimpy Park Bong Soo unveiled his abilities. The two gentlemen were in for more surprises as Jung Hoo explained the truth about his identity all while thrashing the bad guys with no sweat. Chul Min clearly had new respect for Jung Hoo, but Chi Soo was on protective Papa Bear mode, and any chance of the OTP kissing again in front of him was out of the question. Maybe it was because of fear, but we’ve got to admire Jung Hoo for stifling his hormones out of respect for Dad.

7. “Hogu’s Love“: Not what she appears to be

In a game of kickball, Do Hee displayed her unstoppable athleticism that wowed all her classmates. However, she promptly scared everyone as she yelled and cursed at them for their subpar skills, but what really bowled over her peers was her free-the-bra victory run. Who wouldn’t laugh when she coolly asked, “What? You’ve never seen a sports bra?” We want more of this sassy girl!

8. “Hyde, Jekyll, Me“: The real villain

It turns out that Soo Hyun, who has been the source of Seo Jin‘s guilt, is actually alive. However, Seo Jin remains unaware of his childhood friend’s true identity because the guy claiming to be Soo Hyun is a fake. The real Soo Hyun, who is the hypnotist Tae Joon, has planted false memories into the poser. His evil plan didn’t stop there as he kidnapped Professor Kang to set her up as the person who inserted those memories. This drama is definitely becoming more thrilling to watch!

9. “Kill Me, Heal Me“: Face-to-face conversations

One of the more interesting scenes in this drama is the strange and somewhat creepy conversations between Do Hyun and his bad boy alter, Se Gi, in the bathroom mirror. During one such face-to-face, Se Gi mockingly asks Do Hyun if he’s sure he can handle recovering all of his lost memories, which seem to include some form of child abuse. Do Hyun calmly replies that he can and he will while Se Gi smirks, cocking his head as if he’s looking at a bug.

We’re hoping Do Hyun is stronger than Se Gi thinks he is; most likely a whole lot of horrible stuff is about to rain down on his head.


10. “Sweden Laundry”: Changing fate

Bom was recently hit with the news that she was adopted, and her sadness only built up as she recalled how horribly her mother treated her. It seemed the day would come to a tragic end when a thief attacked her, but Soo Chul arrived to save her, changing her fate but being hurt in her stead. Bom would begin missing Soo Chul, and we hope that next week, she will realize how much she values him. We also miss seeing them together!

That’s all for our top ten this week! Please show love to your favorite scenes by sharing them below!

Till next time!

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