Who Sells Lipstick Better- Jun Ji Hyun or Ji Sung?

If you are a fan of the popular MBC drama “Kill Me, Heal Me,” you’ve probably already heard that Ji Sung was the first male actor to sell out female cosmetics by wearing it himself.

In episode 8 of “Kill Me, Heal Me,” Ji Sung portrayed Ahn Yo Na, one of the seven split personalities of Cha Do Hyun, the male protagonist of the drama. Ahn Yo Na is a 17-year-old school girl with sass, and in episode 8, you see her make an appearance in a pink uniform along with girlish makeup. Apparently, Ji Sung looked so good with the pink lip tint, the demand started to rise for 2013 product from Hera after the episode aired, causing it to sell out. The lip tint is from Hera cosmetic’s Sheer Holic Pop Tint line (color: Marilyn Pink).

Inspired by the unlikely turn of events, fans started to create commercial parodies of Ji Sung as Ahn Yo Na advertising female cosmetics. In particular, one fan (dd kim @YouTube) created a parody of Hera’s own cf (commercial film) starring its model, Jun Ji Hyun. The result is pretty awesome, as well as hilarious, so check it out for yourself and tell us what you think- who sells the lipstick better, Jun Ji Hyun or Ji Sung?

First, watch the real cf from Hera starring Jun Ji Hyun.

Now here is the fan-made parody of the commercial.

What you think- who sells the lipstick better, Jun Ji Hyun or Ji Sung?

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