Viewers of the Wednesday-Thursday MBC drama, “Kill Me, Heal Me,” were in a for a surprise yesterday when they saw a kiss between Ji Sung and Park Seo Joon!

In episode 13, which aired Wednesday, February 18, Cha Do Hyun (Ji Sung) transformed into one of his seven split personalities, Ahn Yo Na, who is a 17-year-old school girl. She fell in love with Oh Ri On (Park Seo Joon) at first sight through a picture in a previous episode and episode 13 was the first time Yo Na saw him in person. From jumping on him, making him feed her, and calling him oppa, Ahn Yo Na completely crushed on Oh Ri On. She also led him down the streets of Seoul in a chase, which eventually led to him running away from her to avoid a kiss. But Oh Ri On was no match for the strength of troublemaker Ahn Yo Na, leading to an unexpected kiss between the two.

Kill me heal me park seo joon ji sung kiss

kill me heal me kiss

It was later revealed after the broadcast that the kiss was unscripted and that it was suggested by the director while filming the scene, to which Ji Sung and Park Seo Joon readily agreed. MBC also released some behind-the-scenes photos of Ji Sung and Park Seo Joon.

kill me heal me kiss 2

kill me heal me kiss 3

Kill me heal me ji sung park seo joon episode 13 bts stills

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