Uhm Jung Hwa Is a Doting Aunt for Uhm Ji On on “Superman Returns”

Uhm Jung Hwa receives a cute Lunar New Year present from her niece Uhm Ji On on “Superman Returns.”

The 66th episode of the popular show will air on February 22 and will focus on the dads and children doing something for the first time together.

Since Uhm Ji On’s first appearance on the show, viewers have been commenting on her resembling her famous aunt. Many have been wondering when the singer/actress will make an appearance on the show.

Her first appearance will be through a video call. Uhm Tae Woong calls his sister so that they can send her their Lunar New Year’s greetings. Since Uhm Jung Hwa is known for her sexy image, people have been curious about how she is in front of her niece.

Surprisingly or unsurprisingly, she becomes full of aegyo and love when talking to her niece. Uhm Jung Hwa smiles brightly and says, “Ji On. Auntie.” Unfortunately, Uhm Ji On is not interested. Thus her aunt resorts to being cute in an effort to get her niece’s attention. She doesn’t give up and continues to call her name. Finally, Uhm Ji On smiles and gifts her aunt with aegyo and a toy.

The surprise present was a corn toy. Uhm Jung Hwa was very pleased to receive a present after working hard for her niece’s attention and smiled happily.

Netizens who have heard about the upcoming episode have commented, “Uh Jung Hwa has this side to her? I’m curious about her aegyo,” “Ji On is playing hard to get with her aunt,” “Please appear on the show in person next time. I will be waiting” and more.

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