Kim Hee Sun Reveals That Shin Dong Yup’s Hangover Cure Involves More Alcohol

Actress Kim Hee Sun recently exposed broadcast entertainer and MC Shin Dong Yup’s unique method for treating a hangover.

On the February 21 broadcast of KBS’ “Entertainment Weekly,” the cameras followed Kim Hee Sun to the set of her commercial shoot, where she also sat down for an interview with the entertainment news program.

During the interview, the reporter and the actress were discussing the topic of alcohol, as she is known for her high tolerance for drinking, when Shin Dong Yup’s name was brought up. Kim Hee Sun revealed, “I can’t be compared [to Shin Dong Yup]. He drinks really well.”

The actress continued to explain, “My insides usually don’t feel well the day after drinking alcohol, so I asked [Shin Dong Yup] oppa how he cures his hangover and he told me he figured out a way to feel better. He said to drink a mix of half-hot water and half-whiskey. Oppa might not like it if this goes out on broadcast since he said it’s his very own method and he doesn’t like to share it,” causing laughter.