Get It Beauty” is back with a new season and new hosts! Our male host, Hwang Min Young, remains from last season, but now Lee Ha Nui, Kim Jung Min, and Sistar’s Soyou have joined the show! Let’s look forward to this season’s new ideas and fresh perspectives!

We always talk about beauty during the day, but what about what can take place overnight? This episode takes the chance to focus on what can be done for night care.

Host Tips


Kim Jung Min: She has found that using natural gauze for gentle scrubbing with a cleanser has made the need to do deep cleansing for dead skin and sebum unnecessary. The gauze is good for getting into the crevices of your face and the organic material is gentle on the skin! It’s even available in small disposable sheets!


Soyou: Having tried everything from cheap to expensive for cleansing her sensitive skin, Soyou has settled on using beauty salt as a fine scrub. This is good for anti-inflammation and anti-toxin. Brown sugar is also great to use and is good for hydration.

CAUTION: Avoid using coarse salt or table salt because it is very harsh on the face. In addition, always test something on a small part of your face to see how your skin with react.


Lee Ha Nui: Have annoying blackheads that won’t disappear? Lee Ha Nui uses nose packs and black cotton swabs to fight them! The nose pack is a two-step set. The first pack removes dead skin and sebum while the second pack is for hydration and pore tightening. With the black cotton swabs, she rolls them over her nose and they seem to just suck up the blackheads! She also uses a special serum that contains collagen strings and creates a lifting effect when put on overnight.


It’s a fairly well-known fact that it’s not the best for your body to eat right before bed. In fact, you should avoid eating less than four hours before sleeping. But we all know that sometimes life just gets in the way! So if it’s unavoidable, then try to eat something healthy!


Lee Ha Nui shows off her favorite late-night snack: a soy milk and banana smoothie with walnuts! This drink is particularly good for sleeping because beans decrease stress and anxiety, walnuts calm your nerves, and bananas have tryptophan in them for deep sleep.


Soyou’s go-to snack is a healthy garlic chicken breast salad. Chicken breast is great for diets, and the garlic in the sauce helps with circulation, keeps your body warm, and is even good for your immune system!

 Doctor Tips


Hyun Do Jin, a director at a sleep clinic, joins the hosts to talk about beauty sleep! Here are some of his main tips:

  1. Good sleep increases happiness. If you wake up well rested, then you’ll have more energy and be in a better mood.
  2. Good sleep helps improves skin. Healthy skin is the true foundation for cosmetics!
  3. Don’t force yourself to go to sleep because it can cause insomnia. If you can’t sleep, then read a book or meditate in a stress-free environment until you feel tired.
  4. Don’t work out less than four hours before sleeping. Instead, do light stretching to relieve built up tension!

Blind Test


Get It Beauty” is changing up their Blind Test challenge a bit. Now, they are taking winners from previous year’s Blind Tests and putting them up against new challengers! This week’s challenge put the 2014 winner for best pink lipstick, Espoir, against four new pink lipsticks chosen by experts. To decide the final lineup, the Better Girls tested and ranked each blind sample based on criteria like moisture, color, and wearability.

In the end, however, it was found that Espoir’s reign had run its course and Etude House has taken over! The final lineup is:

  1. Etude House
  2. Lancôme
  3. Estée lauder
  4. NARS
  5. Espoir

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