Top Ten K-Drama Moments Of The Week - February Week 4

To bring you our weekly picks, watching K-dramas is right up there with our health, family, work, eating, and sleeping. Sadly, once in a while, drama-viewing can take precedence over everything else, especially when our favorite shows give us must-watch scenes like the ones in this top ten.


1. “Punch“: No regrets

On the surface, “Punch” is a political thriller, but delving deeper, it’s a story about the love for one’s family. Heroes and villains alike made questionable choices to protect the ones they love. A brain tumor was the wake up call Jung Hwan needed to realize that some things weren’t worth sacrificing for the greater good. And on his last day, he sacrificed more time on earth to ensure that the delusional, hypocritical Yoon Ji Sook met justice. He wouldn’t have rested in peace if he didn’t clean the world up for his little girl.

Our eyes filled with tears when he left, but we felt a sense of calm because he was one of the lucky ones who succeeded in getting his house in order before leaving it. So, we bid goodbye to both “Punch” and Jung Hwan for entertaining and educating in nineteen action-filled hours!

2. “Kill Me, Heal Me“: It’s Yo Na’s world, yo!

The story got much more interesting this past week with horrible secrets coming to the surface for our leading man, Do Hyun. However, there were a few light moments that provided comedy gold for the viewers, and the standout was when alter Yo Na finally met her Ri On Oppa, who had wished he heeded Ri Jin‘s warning! We’ll never look at lipstick the same way again!


3. “Ho Goo’s Love”: How to move a man

We’re loving this quirky look at a naive young man who falls in love with the goddess from his high school. When Ho Goo meets Do Hee again, he discovers she is pregnant. Well, that probably killed any romantic thoughts he had.

At the hospital, he makes a heartfelt decision to stick with Do Hee during labor, as her friend. When the baby is born, he cuts the umbilical cord while Do Hee tells him to greet her son. As he cautiously approaches and holds out his hand, the baby’s tiny fingers latch onto Ho Goo’s finger. Overwhelmed, our hero falls to his knees and sobs.

Awwww, so adorable!

4. “Kill Me, Heal Me“: Redo kiss

After the hoopla with his alter Yo Na, Do Hyun ended up spending the night at Ri Jin‘s house, and any time spent with her family wouldn’t be lacking in excitement. In a drunken rant, Ri Jin let her feelings slip out, claiming Do Hyun as her man in front of her family, but the best part would happen much later in the night. In Ri Jin’s basement, Do Hyun asked her to be his partner in overcoming everything, to help him replace his bad memories with good ones with her. “I’ll do it with you,” Ri Jin accepted with a smile, and with that, our OTP kissed, erasing the memory of an epic fail.

5. “Hyde, Jekyll, Me“: Not the same person

Kidnapped by his childhood friend, Seo Jin is confronted with the memories of a forgotten past. Worsening matters, his captor, Tae Joo, decides to prove that Seo Jin remains self-centered by locking him up with Ha Na in an abandoned warehouse. Toxic fumes fill the room, but there’s only one gas mask. To Tae Joo’s dismay, Seo Jin gives the mask to Ha Na and calls out his alter, Robin, for help.

This feels like a defining moment for Seo Jin. He is not the type to put someone else’s safety before his, let alone ask Robin to save the day. We love seeing this side of him, and we are curious for the next episode since Ha Na has become suspicious of Seo Jin’s identity.

6. “Shine or Go Crazy“: He’s not so so dumb anymore 

Haaallelujah! Our cursed prince has realized that the man he can’t stop thinking about is a woman. That only took forever, Blood Bro!

It was a week of revelations, and boy, did we dance when Wang So snuck into his Gaebong‘s room and discovered that he was a she!

At first, he was surprised till he admonished himself for being a fool too blind to see the obvious. Then he got mad that her trickery led him to sleepless nights and embarrassing moments as he hugged other men to try to decipher what in the world was going on with him. Finally, he was happy because hello, Gaebong is a girl! Now, he can kiss her without questioning his sexuality.

So, how will this new revelation change his behavior towards her? We can’t wait to find out!

7. “My Heart Twinkle Twinkle“: Taking what’s hers

After running away from her evil-in-laws, Soo Jung works at a chicken restaurant where she slaves away for three years. Her initial deal with her boss was to collect her wages at the end of the year with interest, but the cheapskate continuously refuses to pay up when Soo Jung asks for her money. So, after learning the restaurant’s secret recipe for its popular barbecue sauce, she decides to leave. With the help of her friend, she sneaks into her boss’ room and takes the $64,000 owed to her. With this money, she’ll be able to start her own restaurant.

We like how Soo Jung bravely took what was hers, and we also couldn’t hold back a smirk when her furious boss vowed revenge against her.

8. “The Legendary Witch“: Getting even for charity

Young Wok finally executes her “top safety” scam with hilarious results. When Joo Ran invested her $4 million, we doubt she imagined that she was actually donating all it for the establishment of a shelter for female ex-convicts. When she learns truth of her blind charity, she goes from being angry and fainting to crying so miserably that her mother assumes her husband died. ROFL.

Revenge is sweet and funny. We normally wouldn’t laugh at someone’s misfortune, but Joo Ran is only paying for her part in sabotaging Soo In.


9. “Sweden Laundry”: You are family

After learning that she is adopted, Bom continues to hurt, and as she recalls only her bad times with them, she distances herself from her family. However, her outlook gradually transforms when she helps a man who is filled with regret for not fulfilling the wish of his late daughter. And when her grandmother tells her there was never a time she didn’t regard Bom as family, she opens herself up to memories of happy times with them and realizes her true feelings, leading her to face her mother. We hope that next up, Bom will reconcile with her mother and siblings and that she’ll understand that there is more to being a family than just bloodlines.


10. “Blood”: No ordinary meet-cute

Sorry is not in Yoo Ri Ta‘s vocabulary, and when she brushes past Park Ji Sang at the hospital lobby that his shades drop and break, she yells at him to watch where he’s going. This isn’t what we would call a cute first meeting, but it is amusing that Dr. Yoo is the one acting indignant while she leaves Ji Sang speechless and silently fuming.

Which moments made your list? Post your thoughts below, and join us again next time!

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