Kangnam Has an Easy-Going Personality Because of Experience Living in Japan, Hawaii, and Korea

During an interview with Elle, M.I.B‘s Kangnam revealed his secret to having an easy-going personality.

Many are already aware of Kangnam’s quirky and outgoing personality from “I Live Alone,” as the TV show revealed him exchanging numbers with someone he met for the first time in the subway, and talking casually with complete strangers.

When asked how he came to have such a laid-back personality, he answered, “I can get close to people very quickly because of my experience living in Japan, Hawaii, and Korea.” He also mentioned that he was blessed with the talent to keep various connections with people since he was little, and added, “What I think as most important in life is maintaining relationships with others.”

He also jokingly explained the reason for keeping his hair blonde, saying, “I kept my hair blonde fearing that people wouldn’t recognize me otherwise, but I’m planning to go through changes soon.”

Meanwhile, Kangnam revealed that he will release a single album around March, and will be active as a singer soon.

You can check out Kangnam’s pictorial and the full interview in the March issue of Elle.