Girl’s Day’s Minah to Make Her Solo Debut Later This Month!

It has been announced that Minah of Girl’s Day will be the first member of her group to release her very own album and make her debut as a solo artist!

On March 3, a representative of the group’s agency, Dream Tea Entertainment, revealed to Newsen, “Minah recently started working on her solo album after the confirmation of her solo debut. The album is not yet complete, but she is recording the songs and has set out on the finishing stages.”

The agency rep continued to explain that the Girl’s Day member’s new solo song is one with a bright concept. She is currently having ongoing discussions on how to emphasize her distinct charms through the outfits and overall concept.

Meanwhile, it is said that Minah is gearing up to officially make her solo debut around the middle of this month, joining the competitive list of comebacks in March.

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