Amber Reveals Girls Often Ask Her out on “Radio Star”

On the March 4 broadcast of MBC talk show “Radio Star,” Amber, gagwoman Jang Do Yeon, and actors Son Jong Hak and Kim Min Soo are to appear as guests.

During the episode, Amber, who is known for her tomboyish charms, is asked by the MCs whether she has ever been asked out by anyone of the same gender.

The singer replies, “I’ve received those kinds of confessions a lot.”

She continues, “They tell me to contact them if I change my mind.”

Meanwhile, Amber is currently a cast member on the female soldiers special of “Real Men,” where she has earned herself the nickname “G.I. Amber” for her impressive physical strength. She is also busy promoting her solo debut single “Shake That Brass.”

The episode of “Radio Star” featuring Amber will air on March 4, 11:15 p.m., KST.