“We Got Married” Ep. 261 – Kisses Galore

We Got Married” has been so much fun to watch lately and I think it’s because the three couples are going on dates and doing things that real couples would do. There has been a lot of buzz around two of the couples leaving the show and two new couples entering the “We Got Married” family. It is sad to think the couples we have come to love are leaving because they have built such beautiful relationships, but I am really looking forward to the amazing activities the couples will do together during the time they have left. This week’s episode was just as entertaining and precious as the previous weeks. Here are some of my favorite moments from the episode!

1) Winter Sonata in Chuncheon

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Hong Jong Hyun and Yura had a wonderful day in the city of Chuncheon, ziplining in the chilly weather and reliving the drama, “Winter Sonata” at the original shooting site of the show. They planned their trip to Chuncheon and the audience was able to see how Jong Hyun really knows Yura now. He prepared a huge bag of snacks and crackers for his wife, knowing that she loves eating snacks. I love how this couple can just have so much fun with anything they do, even in their car rides together. Jong Hyun knows exactly how much Yura wants their relationship and skinship to progress, so it seems like he tries to make more of a conscious effort to get closer to Yura. As they prepared to zipline, he even prepared gloves for his wife. But, the gloves he prepared for her were not just any gloves, they were couple gloves, so that they could wear it together and hold hands. That is too cute!

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They signed up to go ziplining across a body of water and yes, it did look super fun. But I think everyone forgot that it is freezing in Korea, so although it could have been really enjoyable for them, it was so cold that all they could think about was the wind and the biting cold. They even made really sweet plans to say what they wanted to say to one another through the video camera in front of them, but they could barely talk as they ziplined through the air. Both Yura and Jong Hyun were just happy to be done with the ride because they had tears falling down their faces. But it was really sweet because even before they went on the zipline, Jong Hyun was making sure Yura was warm enough.

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Chuncheon is famous for a lot of different things, but one thing that stands out to many people is the fact that the really famous drama, “Winter Sonata,” was filmed there. They have this entire park where they have locations where the drama was filmed. Yura and Jong Hyun were able to walk around as a couple, wearing their couple gloves and exploring the site together. They were able to capture their memories on film and they even filmed a short trailer for what they called “The Secret of the Red Glove.” It was cute how they filmed a playful trailer of Yura having two personalities, dealing with a broken car remote control. They reenacted a scene from “Winter Sonata,” where the characters had their first kiss. They also shared a sweet kiss at the very spot as well. They left their mark by writing their names on the rock. We were able to see the JJongAh couple share some intimate and precious moments as they kissed each another on the cheek and constantly held hands throughout the episode.


2) Amusement Park Skinship

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Hong Jin Young and Namgoong Min never fail to amuse me with their quirkiness and playful chemistry. In this episode, they were finally able to go on their amusement park date. This couple shared so much skinship on their date, even more than usual, especially because Jin Young was so scared of the roller coasters and rides. It felt like this couple just went back to when they were younger and did everything they wanted to do, as a couple. They bought couple character headbands, balloons, and ice cream and stuck by each other’s side through it all. This couple finds so many ways to have fun even while just walking with one another. They went on several rides, including the viking ship boat ride, and Jin Young was scared and panicked on all of them. Min just sat right next to her, held her in his arms, and comforted her during the ride. He was pretty much her seatbelt on every ride. He really is such a considerate, caring husband. They bought cotton candy and shared a sweet cotton candy kiss, about 10 times, each time getting closer and closer. They even joked how they should wait to do the kiss so that there wouldn’t be any kids around them to watch. They also went behind this lit screen to take pictures of their shadows. They weren’t afraid to lean in for an almost kiss and I love how they are always so open to being weird and dorky together too.

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Jin Young spotted the hot air balloon ride at the park and explained to Min about the SoRim couple’s hot air balloon ride in Turkey. She told him that Song Jae Rim hugged Kim So Eun and how they had lot of skinship in the air. She was jealous and kept telling Min how manly she thought Jae Rim was and she kept imitating his actions. So Min purposely tried to create moments where he had to hold onto Jin Young and have skinship, even though the hot air balloon was completely stable. They just wanted to hold onto each other and kept ducking down, pretending like they were doing some intense skinship. They are too funny!


3) The Basketball Game

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The picture of So Eun and Jae Rim at the basketball game came out long before the whole scandal and we finally get to see what happened! After a long day of being Jae Rim’s day manager, So Eun wanted to take her husband to something she really enjoys. So they went out to see a basketball game. Jae Rim was fascinated and enjoying himself, especially when the cheerleaders came out and also when AOA‘s “Like a Cat” came on. He sang along as So Eun just sat there glaring at him. They watched the game and individually cheered for the team they wanted to root for, as they sat close to one another. After watching the game for a while, So Eun said that she was going to go see one of her cheerleader friends and that she would come back. But little did he know that she had something special in store for him. For some reason, So Eun was constantly nervous throughout the night and it was because she was surprising Jae Rim with an event. Turns out, So Eun practiced the “Like a Cat” dance during the week from one of her friends and planned to perform it during the basketball game. Jae Rim is sitting by himself for a while, watching the game and interacting with himself, and then he sees this person just darting across the court. He realizes that it is his wife and at first he is puzzle and embarrassed, but he ends up having a big smile on his face. So Eun danced to AOA’s “Like a Cat,” not only in front of her husband, but in front of tons of people in the stadium. Although she forgot some of the moves, it ended well and Jae Rim thought it was so cute and lovable.

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As they returned to their seats, they returned to bickering about which team would win. Then all of a sudden, the kiss cam turned on. This is when the camera turns to a couple in the audience and they would have to kiss or they would be encouraged to kiss. The SoRim couple was laughing and enjoying watching the other couples squirm and kiss, not really thinking too much about it. But then the camera turned to them and their faces just changed instantly. Our SoRim couple was featured on the kiss cam! They went from smiles to blank stares. Here come the squeals! Jae Rim encouraged his wife to come close and he leaned in for a kiss. Wait for it… Jae Rim quickly kissed her on the forehead and embraced his wife right after. I think Jae Rim has a lot of respect for his wife and doesn’t want to be too public about their kisses. They were overwhelmed, but in the end they were just happy that they were able to go on a date like normal couples.



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What moment made you squeal or swoon in this week’s episode? Share with me in your comments below!

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