Amber Says Henry Is a Player and Jackson Tries to Be One in “Radio Star”

On March 4 episode of MBC‘s TV show “Radio Star,” Amber, who appears as a guest, talks about her close friends Jackson, Henry, and Zhoumi.

When one of the MCs brings up the rumor that Amber and Super Junior M‘s Henry are in a relationship, Amber explains that it is not true. Then the MC asks what kind of a guy Henry is, and she answers, “Henry oppa seems like a real older brother to me. He’s really good to girls but he’s a player also. He does something [nice] to one person and then does the same thing to another person somewhere else.”

amber radio star

She then compares the other Super Junior M member Zhoumi to Henry saying, “[Zhoumi] is such a kind person, much better than Henry.”

The MC also asks what GOT7‘s Jackson is like and Amber jokes, “He’s a player too,” then adds, “It’s because he’s young, and it’s cute. He tries to act like a player, but really, he’s very good to people and loyal.”