Yewon Will Not Appear at Scheduled Event, Due to Recent Controversies with Lee Tae Im?

Idol star Yewon, who was recently involved in a controversy with actress Lee Tae Im, has cancelled her scheduled event for March 5.

She was originally supposed to appear at a launching event for Adidas on March 5. Her agency Star Empire told the media, “She cannot participate due to her other schedule. It’s not related to the recent events [regarding Lee Tae Im.]”

She was supposed to participate in the launching event with other celebrities like Kara‘s Youngji, actress Min Hyo Rin, and actress Son Soo Hyun.

Yewon and Lee Tae Im were thrusted into the spotlight after Lee Tae Im stepped down from the show. It was later reported that Lee Tae Im cursed and shouted at Yewon during the shooting. The actress argued that Yewon’s rude behavior towards her has caused her to lose her temper. Yewon’s side denied her claim.