8 Male Actors Who Should Debut in a K-Pop Idol Group

It’s common for idols to become actors, but well-known actors are yet to make idol debuts. To make this happen, at least in the imaginary world, we decided to create a fantasy idol group composed with eight actors as its members! Depending on their personalities, looks, and talents, they were assigned to different roles in the group. Can you think of a name for the group? Who would you add on as the ninth member? Let us know through the comments!

The Variety Show Expert

Choi Woo Shik


Just as every class has a “class clown,” every idol group has “the variety show expert,” and Choi Woo Shik is perfect for this role. Although he has been gaining popularity through his reserved character in “Hogu’s Love” recently, he was formerly known for acting adorable or playful characters in dramas like “Rooftop Prince” and “Pride and Prejudice.” His co-stars have also testified that Choi Woo Shik has a light personality, loving to laugh and have fun. Moreover, he has experience in appearing as one of the MCs in the TV show “Beating Heart,” in which he joined real-life firefighters on missions, and showed he is capable of outdoor variety shows.

Here is a clip to remind you of his silliness:

The Visuals

Yoo Seung Ho

yoo seung ho1

It’s important for an idol group to have at least one good-looking member, and this actor-idol group overachieves that with all its members. But out of all the actors on this list, I would consider Yoo Seung Ho to be the member that looks most like an idol. He’s young, has a lean body with average height, and has looks fit for “the visual” role. He definitely has a face that could boost the handsome-level of any group.

Kim Bum

kim bum

Since the first time seeing Kim Bum in sitcom “Unstoppable High Kick,” I always thought he looked like an idol because of his young age and cute face. Although he’s probably not young enough to debut as an idol now, he certainly looks good enough to be one. It’s a plus that he has experience being a member of the group F4 in “Boys Over Flowers.”

Did you know that Kim Bum and Yoo Seung Ho had to dance in a group for a CF? Check out this clip:

The Maknae

Kwak Dong Yun


Born on March 1997, Kwak Dong Yun is the youngest of the members. If you’re not familiar with him, he acted in dramas “Inspiring Generation” and “Modern Farmer.” Although he has shown through variety shows like “I Live Alone” and “Radio Star” that he has quite a grave personality, he also proved himself to be a hard working and down-to-earth guy. His agency, FNC Entertainment, is composed mostly of singers, and he initially prepared to debut as an idol. Kwak Dong Yun has experience singing for OSTs and collaborating with singers like Juniel.

Check out this clip of Kwak Dong Yun singing for his drama “Medley of a Teenager:”

The Aegyo Machine

Lee Hyun Woo

lee hyun woo1

Although Lee Hyun Woo isn’t the youngest of the group, he definitely looks like he would be. He is more than capable of melting the hearts of, not only his fans, but his hyungs and dongsengs too. Lee Hyun Woo has a personality full of aegyo and his cute eye-smile could convince anyone to do just about anything.

Here is a clip of Lee Hyun Woo showing some aegyos to the ladies:

The Song Writers

Park Yoo Hwan

park yoo hwan

Park Yoo Hwan, brother of JYJ’s Yoochun, shared in an interview that, before starting his career as an actor, he wanted to become a singer. He also revealed that he used to compose songs! I’m guessing it’s in his blood.

Park Bo Gum

park bo gum

Park Bo Gum is known for his talent in music. He played piano for a long time, and revealed that he used to play it every Sunday for his church. Not only that, he’s also good at singing! Check out this teaser of D.ear‘s song “Forget You,” in which Park Bo Gum sang the song himself while playing the piano:

The Vocal/Leader

Joo Won

joo won 3

Who would be more capable than Joo Won to be the leader of this idol group? He is extremely handsome (as proven by the photo), has a tall lean body (185cm, which is pretty tall for an idol), is an eloquent speaker (proven through various talk shows), and is even good at singing! Moreover, as revealed by several actors who worked with him, including drama “Bridal Mask” co-star Park Ki Woong, Joo Won is full of aegyo and loves skinship. As the oldest member with a laid-back personality, he would be a good mediator that gets along with all the members. I mean, who wouldn’t want Joo Won to be their leader, right?

Also check out this clip of Joo Won singing:

Bonus: The Dancing Machine (?)

An idol group won’t do without an accomplished dancer. Here’s a clip of Seo Kang Joon showing what he learned in his dance classes on “Happy Together.”

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