March 2015 CFs: Kim Woo Bin, Ahn Jae Hyun, SHINee, and More

We are back this month with a bounty of CFs full of your favorite stars. From cosmetics to pizza, and ice cream to facial cleansing brushes, these celebs have been busy selling goods like hotcakes through their awesome commercials. Be sure to share which were your favorites in the comments below! Shall we begin? Rainbow’s Jaekyung, Woori, and Seungah for Missha

The ladies have different 2015 Spring/Summer beauty trends on: Jaekyung is modern, Seungah is elegant, and Woori is lovely. Did you notice their song “Black Swan” in the background? It’s a nice touch. Kim Woo Bin and Go Ara for Domino’s Pizza

If you checked out our CFs last month, you probably noticed that Korean pizzas are quite unique… This twin crepe pizza puts the toppings inside while the dough wraps around the filling like a crepe.

SHINee for Baskin Robbins

Baskin Robbins features the members as children “falling into” various activities: Key is into collecting teddy bears, Minho likes baseball batting, Jonghyun enjoys driving RC cars, Taemin relishes camping alone, and Onew fancies creating new recipes. They say ice cream makes idols become children (the words “idol” and “children” are similar in Korean). Would you fancy a scoop of the strawberry ice cream they are endorsing?

After School’s Nana for Mad for Garlic

Nana recently became the spokesmodel for Mad for Garlic. She certainly looks mad in the beginning of the CF, but beautifully so. The restaurant is famous for including garlic in their dishes.They even have a garlic berry ice cream in their menu! Are you daring enough to try the garlicky dessert?

Ahn Jae Hyun for Clarisonic Korea

If you’ve ever dreamed of your favorite celebrity teaching you how to properly cleanse your face, this is the CF for you. Ahn Jae Hyun shows a smitten noona how to use the Clarisonic facial brush cleanser. By the end of the video, her radiant skin catches his eye and changes his feelings.

Kang Sora and Seo Kang Joon for Gubne chicken

Gubne chicken, known for their baked chicken, hired the good-looking couple to represent the marriage of honey and curry in their latest Honey Curry Crispy Chicken. If the chicken tastes as great as the pair looks together, it could be a great hit. What do you think of this flavor combination?

Kim Woo Bin for SIEG 2015 S/S

The handsome actor made it twice on this list! He is definitely hot and in demand right now. In this video we see him stretching and posing for SIEG’s 2015 Spring/Summer collection. The shirts are supposedly dynamic which allows for flexibility and comfort. If only Kim Woo Bin could be included in a purchase…

AOA’s Choa for A’PIEU

Choa is adorable as she sells A’PIEU cosmetics’s new product, Air-Fit Cushion. She informs you of the product’s benefits. 1. It keeps your skin moisturized. 2. It’s easy to use for touching up your makeup. 3. It lets your skin breathe and feel comfortable. Who’s sold?

SISTAR’s Bora, Dasom, and Hyorin for a Kakao game

The girls portray three strong females for this game. Bora portrays the French heroine Joan of Arc, Dasom acts as the famous gisaeng Hwang Jini, and Hyorin dresses up as Cleopatra. The video has great effects and they all look gorgeous and powerful.

Misaeng” Crew for Prospecs

Anyone miss the hit drama? Well, it’s almost like the drama never ended in this CF. Oh Min Seok, Jeon Seok Ho, and Tae In Ho are reunited, working hard, and enjoy some nude moments. Kang Sora, Kang Ha Neul, and Im Siwan were in Prospecs CFs last month as well.

Hyun Bin for Rogatis

The “Hyde Jekyll, Me” star looks sleek in his smart suit. The suit is smart because it doesn’t wrinkle and is also water resistant. While Hyun Bin exudes a chic, city guy atmosphere, Jeon Hyun Moo released a more comedic version. Anyone interested in the suit? Or just Hyun Bin?

Jo In Sung for Vivien

Following in the steps of So Ji Sub, Jo In Sung becomes a male model for lingerie brand Vivien. A la “It’s Okay, That’s Love,” Jo In Sung is a writer. The video shows him and actress Lee Bi An as housemates encountering an awkward moment while doing laundry. She starts talking about how comfortable the bras are and how it’s a pity he can’t experience it. Haha.. Would you like to see the actor in a bra?

Jun Ji Hyun for Nepa

The ever-beautiful actress shows off her short hair and athletic side in this advertisement for the outdoor clothing and goods brand. She is seen enjoying nature and ready for sudden rain with her waterproof jacket. This is quite a different image from Cheon Song Yi in “My Love From The Stars.” But we love them both!

Ryu Seung Ryong for Olleh

This ad starts out with a male who ran out of data for his cell phone. Enter in the opera singing as Ryu Seung Ryong sings “GiGaro” instead of “Figaro,” GiGa is a different type of wifi that is supposed to be three times faster than regular wifi. Do you dig the opera-esque singing?

Hyun Bin for K2

This time Hyun Bin ditches the suits in favor of an outdoor ensemble. He shares details about the new “Fly Walk” shoes that allow feet to breathe and feel comfortable at the same time. The shoes also comes with Gore-tex which keeps water out. Do you prefer the handsome actor dressed up or dressed down?

Jo Se Ho for Kelloggs

We saved this hilarious video as the last video. The comedian sells Chex Chocolate Banana Space cereal in this video. Check out his interesting Chex inspired outfits as well as his singing and dancing. Are you interested in the cereal now?

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