Kim Soo Hyun Selected as the Most Liked Celebrity in Korea

Actor Kim Soo Hyun has been selected as the most liked celebrity in Korea.

On March 12, Gallup Korea revealed the results of its “People Koreans Like the Most” survey, which was held for four weeks between October 2 to 29 last year.

This survey, which was held between 1,700 men and women above the age of 13, revealed that Koreans loved Kim Soo Hyun the most by 4.3 percent.

Close after him came Choi Bul Am (4.2%), Jo In Sung (3.3%), Kim Tae Hee (3.1%), Go Doo Shim (2.6%), Lee Soon Jae (2.5), Kim Hye Ja (2.4%), Kim Hee Ae (2.4%), Lee Yoo Ri (2.2%), Yoo Dong Geun (2.1%), and Hyun Bin (2.1%)

It appeared that Kim Soo Hyun was more appealing to younger women in their 10s and 20s, while senior celebrities, such as Choi Bul Am, were popular among older generations.

Meanwhile, there were significant difference between gender as well. The top 5 actors men liked were Kim Tae Hee, Choi Bool Am, Kim Soo Hyun, Lee Soon Jae, and Lee Yoo Ri, while women liked Kim Soo Hyun, Jo In Sung, Choi Bul Am, Go Doo Shim, Kim Hye Ja, and Kim Hee Ae.

Other than Kim Soo Hyun, who debuted in 2007, all highly ranked celebrities have been acting for at least ten years. Lee Soon Jae, Kim Hye Ja, and Choi Bul Am especially have been on the screen for the past half century.

For the comedian criteria, Yoo Jae Suk took first place by a whooping 23%, followed by Kim Jun Ho (9%), Kang Ho Dong (6%), Kim Jun Hyun (6%), and Lee Gook Ju (4%).

Choi Min Sik was elected as the most liked movie actor by 7.5%, followed by Song Kang Ho (6.9%), Ahn Sung Ki (6.5%), Ha Jung Woo (3.7%), and Jun Ji Hyun (3.6%).