Jung Yong Hwa Appears as Kangnam’s Close Friend on “I Live Alone”

Kangnam and Jung Yong Hwa revealed their unlikely friendship on “I Live Alone.”

On the episode of MBC’s “I Live Alone” aired on March 13, Jun Hyun Moo invites Kangnam’s aunt and her daughter, Shyoko, to his house.

Jun Hyun Moo prepares a surprise event for Shyoko by inviting Jung Yong Hwa as well. The moment she sets eyes on him, she is taken back by the pleasant surprise.

jung yong hwa kangnam 2

Kangnam can’t help but express his pride of being friends with a celebrity like Jung Yong Hwa, commenting that he hasn’t seen his cousin smile this uncontrollably in 20 years.

He reveals that their relationship first started when he pulled a prank on Shyoko earlier on in the show by faking a phone call with him.

After watching the program, Jung Yong Hwa contacted Kangnam, and they became friends after that. They basically became friends thanks to Shyoko.

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