Tao Stops Time in EXO’s 2nd Pathcode Teaser

The second teaser for EXO’s upcoming album “EXODUS” has dropped, this time featuring Tao!

Tao is sitting in a cafe at the beginning of the teaser, reading a newspaper. When he sees an article about an unexplained phenomenon, he suddenly comes into an ability to control time, and all movement stops as Tao leaves the cafe.

tao pathcode exodus 0

Different from the previously released teaser for Kai, which featured more of a grainy, handheld camera look, the teaser for Tao takes on a very cinematic feel, with crisp pictures and solid shots. As each new teaser takes on a new member ability and style of cinematography, anticipation is as high as ever for EXO’s comeback, which is set for this coming March 30.

Update: Individual teaser images!

tao exo 3

tao exo 2

tao exo 1

tao pathcode exo

tao exo

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