28 Up Close and Personal Photos of Celebs at Seoul Fashion Week

It’s Seoul Fashion Week! That means it’s time for all the most talented fashion designers in Korea to showcase their fall collections, with styles ranging from sedate to sexy to completely avant-garde. Seoul Fashion Week also happens to be a great time for celebrity sighting, as many idols and actors enjoy attending the fashion shows (and sometimes will even participate in them)!

This is far from being a fashion-centric post, but we’ve gathered up some pretty photos of the celebs who came out to see the shows. Some of them, such as Rainbow’s Jaekyung, Ji Chang Wook, and Orange Caramel’s Nana, attended several shows, but for the sake of brevity, we’ll keep this gallery to one photo per person. Let’s take a look!

A Pink’s Bomi at Arche. Arche is one of those brands that all the celebrities like to wear, and Bomi is of course wearing one of their outfits. Love how she matched her nails!


Kara’s Gyuri looks stunning in emerald green!

gyuri2 Rainbow’s Jaekyung attended more shows than any other celebrity, from what we could see. She must really be a fashionista!


Ji Chang Wook also attended a couple shows.

ji chang wook 2 T-ara’s Jiyeon attended Rocket x Lunch in this fashion-forward sailor coat.

jiyeon t-ara rocketlunch Infinite’s Sungjong posed stylishly for a fan photo.

Photo credit: monodrama

sungjong2 Lee Hyun Woo wore a cute pink suit!

lee hyun woo FIESTAR’s Yezi and Cao Lu look very serious here. But we’ve been informed that this just part of their new concept. Do not be alarmed.

fiestar-2 Lee Da Hae looking chic as always in white.


Kara’s Youngji poses outside with Hong Seok Cheon before the Yohanix show.


MIB’s Kangnam. Are we crazy? We love his outfit!


Kim So Eun looks svelte and stunning at J. Koo.

kim so eun

Seo Kang Joon, also turning heads at the same show.

seo kang joon

Orange Caramel’s Lizzy has a serious ant waist to show off… good thing crop tops are so fashionable now!


VIXX at Supercomma B. Thought we’d break up the photos a bit with a video. Do you like Hyuk’s shirt as much as we do?

Secret’s Jieun looks adorable with a hat!

secret ji eun rocket lunch Teen Top’s Ricky wants to know what freebies he’s getting, but C.A.P couldn’t care less.

teen top cap chunji

Block B’s Zico had an unusual seatmate. Want to know who? Stay tuned!

Photo credit: Zee

zico pushbutton Orange Caramel’s Nana is photogenic even up close and with flash. Insane!

nana3 SISTAR’s Bora definitely knows fashion. She’s one of the MCs of KBS’s upcoming show, “A Style 4 You.”

bora3 Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung wore a very colorful blue outfit. Check it out!

sooyoung3 4minute’s HyunA looked sexy in a jean dress.

hyuna3 Park Si Yeon, casual but chic at Steve J and Yoni P.

park si yeon 2NE1’s Dara, always stylish.

dara Bae Doona may be the muse of Louis Vuitton’s Nicolas Ghesquiere, but there’s no reason she can’t also take in a fashion show or two or three in Seoul!

bae-doona 4minute’s Gayoon looks fifties-inspired in a turtleneck and a gorgeous blue full skirt.

4minute gayoon 2 Jeon Hye Bin really looks like Kim Tae Hee here! Lovely as always.

jeon hye bin Just chilling together!

Photo credit: Here, Zee. Otherwise TH Media, except where listed.

block b zico

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