Park Shin Hye Is Both Chic and Lovely for Agatha Paris

In a new pictorial for jewelry brand Agatha Paris, actress Park Shin Hye looks both chic and lovely.

In the images, Park Shin Hye poses in muted outfits that act as a blank canvas to her simple and elegant accessories, which include a leather watch, knuckle rings, and pendant jewelry.

The actress pairs a white blazer with infinity pendant jewelry and a leather watch for a chic, professional look and a black one piece dress with Eiffel Tower pendants for a more casual look.

park shin hye

A representative from Agatha Paris commented, “As the spring weather comes into full bloom, there are more women accenting their shorter and thinner clothes with jewelry.

“Like Park Shin Hye in the pictorial, you can top off your tasteful spring fashion with unique infinity and Eiffel Tower pendants.”