Let’s be honest, we don’t talk about our breasts as much as we probably should. We all have things we want to ask about, yet we’re way too embarrassed to do so. Well, this episode of “Get It Beauty” helps bring down those walls a little to get some questions answered! Plus, an expert joins the hosts to demonstrate some special tricks to perk your girls up!



A survey of 200 women was done, and it was found that 75 percent were dissatisfied with their breasts. A second poll was done to find out what some of the top concerns were, and the top four came out to:

  1. Size (24%)
  2. Sagging breasts (24%)
  3. The shape (20%)
  4. Color and shape of the nipples (11%)

Expert Demonstrations


Known as the chest expert in Japan, Asai Reika joins the hosts to demonstrate special massages that actually help increase size and correct shape! She does note that the results differ for everyone, but repetition leads to better results. Also, it is easiest to do these massages with cream or oil and when naked, so try them out in the shower!


For the first massage, support your breast with one hand so that it’s not moving around or pulling the muscle down. Then, press down and move in a circular motion with the other hand using four fingers. Make sure to press down hard or else you won’t be working the muscle! Repeat on the other side.


For the next massage, grab your breast and pull it towards the middle of your chest, holding it so that your side muscle is taut. With your other hand starting at your armpit, press down with your knuckles and move in towards the center of your chest across the muscle and top of the breast. Remember to press hard! Now, move down slightly so that your knuckles go over the center of your breast. Then again so that it goes just under. Repeat each step three times and on both sides!


This next massage is similar to the last, but this time use both fists at the same time over the top, center, and bottom of the breast. Don’t stop until your fists touch each other! Repeat each step three times.


This one’s easy! Simply take your palms and place them on the outsides of your breasts and press in! And of course, don’t forget to press hard!


This next trick is a finger acupuncture. Just take your thumbs and press hard anywhere around your breasts. This helps relax your muscles even further, maximizing the effects of the other massages.



Both of the pictures show above are the before and after effects of all of the massages on two Better Girls. It’s amazing what a few massages can do! Just imagine the long-term effects if done every day!


Another Better Girl was brought down because of her concern about her breasts being uneven. After undressing behind a curtain, measurements were taken, showing the disproportion. When measured from the middle of the collar bones down to both nipples, it should form an equilateral triangle. All the sides should be the same length!


Asai Reika explains that some of the cause of small breasts is the fat moving towards the back. To correct this, take a literal fistful of the fat on your side and move it up and down to help loosen it. Then simply use the massages shown before to shift that fat into the breasts! Just remember that it could take a while to really show results.


Asai Reika proves she’s a pro by, as the hosts put it, “tailoring” the Better Girl’s breasts and correcting much of the disproportion!

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