Jin Se Yeon Was Worried Hong Jong Hyun Would Be Stiff

Actor Jin Se Yeon revealed that Hong Jong Hyun “gives you the flutters when you least expect it.”

On March 1, the production conference for “Clash of the Families 2” was held.

During the event, Jin Se Yeon revealed her impression on Hong Jong Hyun, saying “I was a little worried because he seemed so stiff, but you could tell he was actually very caring through his actions.”

Hong Jong Hyun commented about Jin Se Yeon, “She’s sweet and is kind to those around her. She’s also a very diligent worker. I couldn’t help but notice that she continuously went to school, even during filming periods.”

“The two looked stunning in a picture wearing a wedding dress and tuxedo,” said Park Eun Hye. “I just want for the two of you to date,” she jokingly added. In response, Hong Jong Hyun lightly said, “That’s between the two of us.”

“Clash of the Families 2” is the sequel to the original movie, which opened in 2011 and attracted 2.6 million viewers. It tells the comical story of two very different families’ trying to call off a marriage between their daughter and son, and will be released in theaters on April 30.

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Correction: An earlier version of the article misstated that Jin Se Yeon commented about Hong Jong Hyun’s diligence in filming and also going to school. It was the other way around.