Rapper Cheetah Shows Off Her Unique Cheetah Print House

Rapper Cheetah has revealed her cheetah print covered house.

The revelation was made when Cheetah, Jessi, and Yuk Ji Dam appeared on the March 31 broadcast of tvN’s talk show “Taxi.” Taking cameras inside her home, the rapper showed viewers that “Cheetah” is much more than just a stage name to her; her bed, chairs, other furniture, and even her cat’s clothing were all decorated in cheetah print, leaving quite a strong impression.

In addition, Cheetah also discussed her secret makeup techniques during the episode, showing off her trademark smoky makeup, and even revealed that she had been approached to appear in makeup ads.

So, what do you think of Cheetah’s cheetah print house? Is it cool, or just a little too much?

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