Kim Tae Woo Agrees to End Soul Shop’s Contracts with Megan Lee and Kil Gun

It appears that the legal battles between Soul Shop Entertainment and artists Megan Lee and Kil Gun have now ended. At a press conference on April 1, Soul Shop founder and singer Kim Tae Woo announced that both Megan Lee and Kil Gun’s contracts will be formally terminated.

Last November, Megan Lee requested that the validity of her exclusive contract with Soul Shop be reviewed by the Seoul Central District Court. One of the reasons why she was calling for a nullification of her contract was that the company had signed her to a musical without her consent. In addition, she claimed that Kim Tae Woo’s wife, the management director of the company, had been verbally abusive to her.

On March 20, the court officially ruled that Megan Lee’s contract with Soul Shop was invalid. While Soul Shop immediately filed an appeal against this ruling, Kim Tae Woo announced on April 1 that they will be withdrawing this appeal and that Megan Lee will be freed from her exclusive contract with the company.

He says that the conflict between Megan Lee and himself had arisen due to their differing priorities. Namely, he believed she should continue with the musical that she had been contracted to appear in, while she believed the work she was pursuing in the United States was more important. The project he is referring to is most likely the new Nickelodeon television show “Make It Pop.”

In addition, Kim Tae Woo says that the company and Kil Gun had already found common ground and agreed to end her contract. This comes after Soul Shop released an audio-less CCTV video of Kil Gun in which they claim she was threatening Kim Tae Woo.

Hopefully all those involved in these controversies will be able to go their separate ways without any further conflict.

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