XIA Junsu Dedicates an Old Song to Member Kim Jaejoong in Concert

XIA Junsu showed his affection to his fellow JYJ member Kim Jaejoong by dedicating his last song to him during his concert on March 31, the same day Kim Jaejoong enlisted in the army.

During Junsu’s concert entitled “2015 Xia 3rd Asia Tour Concert FLOWER,” which was held in Fukuoka, the JYJ member performed a lot of songs from his latest 3rd album “Flower,” as well as some songs from his past albums, which delighted the audience. As a part of the concert tour, there was a segment called “genie time” where the audience asks Junsu to do whatever they wish, which he tries his best to fulfill by singing various old songs and songs from his past ballad and musical concerts.

In fulfillment of the fans’ wishes as well, Junsu prepared a special surprise performance of the acoustic version of “Love In The Ice,” a ballad from his former group TVXQ. He explained, “Today Jaejoong enlisted in the army. I talked to him on the phone this morning and he said he will [fulfill his service] as a man should. I believe that he will come back an even cooler person. I dedicate this last song for him.”

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