Kim Dong Wan Reveals Shinhwa’s Group Chat Room on “I Live Alone”

On April 3’s episode of “I Live Alone,” Shinhwa member Kim Dong Wan gives viewers a glimpse of the band’s dynamic by showing their group chat room to the camera.

When Kim Dong Wan goes to have dinner alone at a family restaurant, he takes a selfie of himself with all his food and then sends it to the other Shinhwa members.

He adds the message “Don’t you want to come eat with me?”

As they’re watching the video later, fellow “I Live Alone” member Jeon Hyun Moo says he thinks that no one will reply, but to everyone’s surprise, Eric sends back a message.

kim dongwan 2

Sadly, his answer is “I’ll pass.” But he ends the message with a heart emoji!

kim dongwan 1

Jeon Hyun Moo asks Kim Dong Wan why he didn’t just give the members a call.

“If I call them, they don’t pick up,” he admits.

The members of Shinhwa just finished up a record-breaking run of promotions for the song “Sniper” from their twelfth full album.

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