Identical Twins Ra Hee and Ra Yool Show Surprisingly Different Tastes on

On April 11’s episode of “Oh! My Baby,” comedienne Lee Gook Joo takes Shoo‘s twins Ra Yool and Ra Hee to a local snack bar where they get to try out some new types of food.

They get really excited when they see all the different kinds of things they can try, which isn’t surprising considering that they’re rarely picky about what they eat.

Ra Yool dips some deep fried squid in the sauce from the ddeokbokki (spicy rice cakes and fish cakes). This twin is clearly a fan of sauces, as one time when she was at home she dipped her steak in sauce too. But she’s not prepared for the spiciness of the ddeokbokki sauce!

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On the other hand, Ra Hee seems to prefer to enjoy the original flavors of each dish in front of her. Instead of dipping them in sauce, she’s determined to eat eggs and deep fried food completely plain.

Shoo says, “Since they’re identical twins, everyone thinks they’ll be the same, but everything about them is totally different – from their personalities to their interests. Even people who can’t tell them apart when they just look at their faces could distinguish who is who if they saw their personalities.”

Can you tell the twins apart?

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