Miranda Kerr Gives Shoutout to EXO’s Sehun for His Surprise Gift

Model Miranda Kerr recently gave a special shoutout to Sehun of EXO for sending her a surprise gift.

On April 13, Miranda Kerr posted on her personal Instagram account, “Thank you @oohsehun [Sehun’s Instagram handle] for my surprise signed album!” Along with this message of thanks to Sehun, the model uploaded a photo of the Sehun version of EXO’s second full-length album, “EXODUS.”

On the signed album, it appears that Sehun left Miranda Kerr a message in English that reads, “Check out our album. I’m a big fan! E.X.O Listen!”

Meanwhile, EXO is currently in the middle of promotions with their newest title track “Call Me Baby.”

sehun miranda kerr

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