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On the latest episode of “We Got Married,” Yewon and Super Junior‘s Henry continue their date by heading back to his place so that he can give her a tour and cook her dinner.

While they’re checking out his place, he suggests that she might want to change since she’s wearing a formal dress. She agrees that she’s a little uncomfortable, but says, “I don’t have any clothes though.”

Henry solves the problem by grabbing some comfy track pants and a big red sweater from his own closet for her to wear.

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“I thought it wouldn’t look good on her,” he admits in the show’s interview. “But she looked cute.”

In her own interview, Yewon says it felt a bit strange wearing his clothing. “I felt like Henry was covering me,” she says.

Things get less romantic though when she comes out in his outfit and Henry starts sniffing her feet. Since he first appeared on the show, it’s become apparent that Henry is pretty sensitive to smells, since he carries around air freshener and has even spritzed Yewon with it before.

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This time around, he says her feet smell, so he takes her to the washroom. He bends down, pulls off her socks, and then washes her feet with the shower head!

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“I’m definitely not a germaphobe,” he insists to the camera. “I was just worried for Yewon. I thought she might get embarrassed if her feet smelled.”

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Yewon is clearly a bit self-conscious and tries to get him to let her do it herself, but he’s insistent and in the end seems satisfied with the job! He even finishes by drying her feet with a towel.

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Despite her embarrassment, Yewon seems to appreciate the way he’s taking care of her, and thanks him as he’s doing it.

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Check out more of this adorable couple on April 18’s episode of “We Got Married”!

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