B1A4’s Sister Group, Oh My Girl, Debuts with Energetic and Addictive “Cupid”

Girl group Oh My Girl, from WM Entertainment– the agency that produced B1A4, has finally debuted!

Oh My Girl is an eight-member group consisting of members Mimi, Jiho, A Rin, Seung Hee, Jin E, Binnie, Yoo Aand Hyo Jung.

Their debut song, “Cupid,” is composed by producer Shin Hyuk , who has also worked with Justin Bieber, and his composing team Joombas Music Factory. They lyrics are written by Kim Yi Na. The music video for the song was released today, showcasing Oh My Girl’s lovely and sweet image.

Oh My Girl also held their debut showcase today, while also releasing their mini album, “Cupid.” You can find Oh My Girl’s debut album here.