Doojoon Calls for a BEAST Sleepover Whenever He Feels Lonely Living Alone?

On April 20, BEAST member and actor Doojoon attended a press conference for his tvN drama “Let’s Eat 2” and discussed his personal experience of living on his own and how he became close with his drama co-stars by talking about his fellow group members.

When asked if he has experienced living alone himself, like his character in the drama, Doojoon shared, “After living in a dorm together with the BEAST members for a long time, we have all been living on our own since last year, around the time I began filming for ‘Let’s Eat’ season one. I don’t worry too much about the safety issues that women may feel while living alone, as I’m a bit thick-skinned. However, three or four months into living independently, I would call the members over to sleep because I felt lonely. After some time passed, I began to see the charm of living alone. I like being alone [now].”

On how he developed a close relationship with his drama co-stars, Doojoon explained, “I became a bit close with Kim Hee Won sunbae-nim as we talked about Yong Jun Hyung because they worked together in ‘Monstar’ some time last year. When I first met him, he seemed really scary so I felt like I did something wrong. But after talking with him, I realized the he’s a gentle and kind person. I feel comfortable filming with him.”

The BEAST member continued, “I got close with Lee Joo Seung as we talked about Lee Gi Kwang because they worked together in Gi Kwang’s drama special last year,” causing laughter with the cast’s connections to his group members.

He also revealed his shared love for soccer with Kwon Yool: “I got close with Kwon Yool hyung quickly because he was a different hyung from the image I had seen on TV. I think I became closest to him first [out of all the cast members], as he likes soccer and is a very knowledgeable person.”

Meanwhile, “Let’s Eat 2” airs every Monday and Tuesday at 11 p.m. (KST) on tvN.

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