Hong Jong Hyun Speaks Up on Dating Rumor with After School's Nana

In an interview with Osen held on April 27, actor Hong Jong Hyun was asked about his recent dating rumor with After School‘s Nana.

Earlier this year in January, Hong Jong Hyun was caught up in a dating rumor with Nana when a local media source reported that the two have been dating for about seven months. While both sides denied that they were dating, the rumor with Nana caused more controversy than expected because, at that time, Hong Jong Hyun was filming “We Got Married” with Girl’s Day‘s Yura. Although the show is a “virtual reality” show, pairing up two people in a fake marriage, it is necessary for the cast to maintain the projection that there is possibility for a real relationship that goes beyond the make-believe. If one of the “spouses” get caught up in a dating rumor with someone else, the fragile believability of the show is broken.

Hong Jong Hyun told Osen, “Because it wasn’t true, I shrugged [the dating rumor] off. Unexpectedly, however, it got a lot of attention, and I was very surprised by that.” He explained, “First of all, I didn’t know about the news report immediately. I was in a plane heading toward Singapore. I got on the plane after saying it wasn’t true, but when I got off, I learned there was a huge uproar, which surprised me.”

Hong Jong Hyun explained that he was surprised to learn he was someone who was receiving so much attention by the press and the public. “I think [the dating rumor] was more of an issue because I was filming ‘We Got Married’ at the time,” the actor stated. “But all misunderstanding was cleared up, and Yura and I talked a lot.”

Regarding Nana, Hong Jong Hyun explained, “We still meet up sometimes and remain good friends.”

While Hong Jong Hyun is currently no longer appearing in “We Got Married,” the actor has been busy with other projects, in particular with the film “Meet the In-Laws 2.” Premiering on April 29, the movie stars Hong Jong Hyun playing the role of Chul Soo, the son of criminals who wants to get married to a girl (played by Jin Se Yeon) from a family of cops.

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