Ji Soo Describes What It's Like to Work with 16 Years Older Actress Kim Hee Sun as His Love Interest in

In a recent interview for MBC, young actor Ji Soo, born in 1993, was asked about his chemistry with actress Kim Hee Sun who was born in 1977. In the drama “Angry Mom,” Ji Soo’s character, Bok Dong, is in love with Jo Bang Wool, the 18-year-old alter ego of Jo Kang Ja, played by Kim Hee Sun. In the drama, Jo Kang Ha has gone undercover as a high school student in her daughter’s school to defend her daughter against bullies.

Ji Soo explains that it’s easy to believe that Kim Hee Sun is a high school student because she is so pretty and looks like she is in her 20s. “When she is wearing her school uniform, I really see her as Jo Bang Wool,” says Ji Soo. He has no trouble focusing on his character and his relationship with Jo Bang Wool. He adds,”Bok Dong can’t help but fall for her because [Kim Hee Sun] is so pretty and fits the [character of Jo Bang Wool].”

Kim Hee Sun has also talked about working with the young actor, saying,“I’m living vicariously through the drama.”

Ji Soo also reveals in the interview that he ad-libbed a line in drama in which Bok Dong almost confesses his feelings to Bang Wool. In the scene, Bok Dong tries to dramatically reenact a typical K-drama confession scene. He asks if she likes him and then starts to say, “I lik…,” but since it is his first time confessing and he is nervous, he ends up just saying her name- Jo Bang Wool- and walks away embarrassed. The word for “like” in Korean starts with the “jo” sound, which is the same sound that starts Jo Bang Wool’s name.

Watch the scene below:

You can start watching “Angry Mom” below  if you aren’t watching already. “Angry Mom” airs on MBC every Wednesday and Thursday.

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