M.I.B's Kangnam Falls in Love with Cheap Used Car on

On May 8’s episode of “I Live Alone,” M.I.B‘s Kangnam goes car shopping in the hopes of finding a ride that will impress girls and snag himself a girlfriend.

He goes to a used car dealership that fellow cast member Kim Kwang Gyu recommends, and is amazed by how impressive some of the expensive and rare supercars look. He can barely contain his excitement over the ones with doors that open upwards! He even asks the dealer to take a photo of him with his dream cars.

He honestly tells the dealer, “I still don’t have a girlfriend. But I want to buy a cool-looking high quality car. If I have a car, I’ll get a girlfriend, right?”

He adds, “If a supercar was cheap enough, I could buy it.”

The dealer laughs and says that supercars are incredibly expensive, to which Kangnam asks, “Even if they’re used? Can I buy one on an installment plan?”

kangnam 1

The dealer eventually gets the idea that Kangnam’s budget doesn’t quite fit the higher priced cars, so he takes him out to look at some of the lower ranged vehicles.

Kangnam gets his heart set on a 800,000 won (approx. $735 USD) car that just came in the day before. The car’s air conditioning is broken, its windshield is cracked, and it also has some problems with its engine, but Kangnam doesn’t mind.

He says he thinks the car looks really cute, and even claims that the crack on its windshield looks pretty.

kangnam 3

“It’s my first car,” he says frankly. “I won’t be stressed out about it. Even if I get in an accident, it’ll be fine. I can just junk it.”

He even gets excited when the dealer tells him that the windows at the back have to be opened and closed by hand. “That’s great!” he laughs.

However, in the end he has to give up on his dream of buying this super cheap car. Not only is the insurance on the car itself going to be over 1,119,000 won (approx. $1028 USD), and therefore more costly than the car itself, he realizes he’d also have to pay over 300,000 won ($275 USD) in parking fees and gas money each month.

kangnam 4

He looks so crushed! Hopefully he’s able to save up and buy a car he loves just as much soon.

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