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Fans of “Running Man tune in every week to see which members will pass the challenging missions and become the ultimate winner at the end of the episode. All of the members have different strengths and abilities which help them out in each game. Because of this, every one of the members have been crowned multiple times as the winner of an episode, showing off their true skills as a “Running Man” member.

When it comes down to it though, which member is the best?  The show’s cast members and staff all have their own ideas when choosing the best member, but what do you think? It’s time to decide once and for all, Soompiers. So, let’s VOTE! Who is the Ultimate “Running Man”?

*Members are in no particular order.

Fans of all ages love Yoo Jae Suk. Although he is active on a number of shows, people especially love him for his role on “Running Man.” He is extremely quick witted and physically fit as well. In addition, he is well-rounded in abilities when it comes to the games, whether it’s ddakji or foot races. Despite competing wholeheartedly during the missions, he is still able to make jokes and entertain viewers at the same time. Do you think that Yoo Jae Suk (also known as Yoo-ames Bond) is the ultimate “Running Man” member?

Despite being scared of things like chickens and heights, Haha is actually a strong member on “Running Man.” When it comes to races, he is extremely fast! In addition, he is quite smart when solving problems or figuring out clues. His ability to lie and scheme is also a great advantage when he serves as a spy in some of episodes. Apart from his skills, he is also hugely entertaining- especially when he gets distracted and starts acting out drama or movie scenes in the middle of a mission.


Song Ji Hyo is known for her blank looks and frequent state of apparent confusion on the show. However, underneath the blank stare, Ji Hyo is really smart and solves clues and puzzles very quickly. She is a great actress when it comes to fooling the other members and she’s also smart about only trusting a few people (usually Gary). In addition, she is also known as having great luck, especially when gold is the final prize of the episode.


Ji Suk Jin is known on the show for being one of the weaker members, but he actually has a lot of strengths as well. Over the years, his endurance has built up a lot due to all the running and strenuous activity on the show. This fact even surprised their much younger guests on episode 230, where a group of popular, young actors competed against the “Running Man” members. Fans also love him for his quick sense of humor and good nature when people tease him.

ji suk jin alien

Undoubtedly the strongest member on the show, Kim Jong Kook has eliminated one person after another during name tag elimination or other strength-related games.  Mr. Capable (as he in otherwise known) is not all muscles, however! In the majority of episodes, he displays very quick senses and the ability to solve problems or clues in a very short time. With both brains and brawn, he considers himself the strongest of the cast members. His biggest weakness though? Female guests.



Gary is a really well-rounded player when it comes to “Running Man.” He’s quick, strong, athletic, loyal, and competitive. Fans also love him for his sense of humor and playfulness with cast mate Song Ji Hyo. His only real weakness as a player is being too trustworthy, as well as sometimes being a little slower than others to figure out clues and puzzles in the games. He is known as Random Mr. Capable, though, and has won a lot of “Running Man” episodes.

Lee Kwang Soo is one of the most popular members with international audiences. With his good nature and funny ways, he has definitely earned himself a huge fan base around the globe. Kwang Soo’s biggest strengths are quick-thinking, the ability to lie, and a sneakiness and sense of betrayal which have served him well over the years. Although he may not be the strongest member, he often uses his other traits to outmaneuver his opponents.


It’s time to decide, Soompiers! Who is the ultimate member on “Running Man?” Will you vote for strength or for brains? Will you choose speed or sneakiness? Each member is fantastic and has unique skills which have aided them these past few years on the show. When it comes down to it though, who is the greatest and best member? The choice is up to you! Putting aside your bias and favoritism, vote for who you think is truly the best member here on “VOTE! Who is the Ultimate “Running Man”?” 

lee1086 is a Soompi writer who lives for music, playing the piano, Super Junior, and Eunsihae. She is also a fan of 3rd Wave Music, BIGBANG, EXO, and more. When she is not watching the latest K-Drama or obsessing over the perfection of Lee Donghae, she is busy at church or hanging out with her family and friends.

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