Ship It: Kim Soo Hyun Edition

Kim Soo Hyun. Household name in Korea, in most parts of the international community, and definitely within the Soompi community. He’s undoubtedly loved, dreamed about, and treasured by many fans. And as those who hope the best for him, we obviously like setting him up with the best of the best. Consequently, Kim Soo Hyun has been a part of many favorite pairings over the course of his career.

Kim Soo Hyun x Bae Suzy

Kim Soo Hyun first became popular and widely known through his role in “Dream High.” His opposite, Bae Suzy, arguably also gained her first spurt of immense love through her role in this drama. They boasted a cute relationship, which carried on several years later to a music video for Bean Pole. Support this couple here.

Kim Soo Hyun x IU

Not the most obvious couple, but this pair has had its share of run-ins. They first shared the screen through “Dream High,” most memorably the gorgeous acapella duet they sang. Since the drama, they have been voted together the celebrities people most want to go see cherry blossoms with. In fact, Kim Soo Hyun has even publicly supported IU by attending her concert despite his busy schedule. I look forward to their work together in “Producer,” where their co-star Gong Hyo Jin has already been a witness for their special relationship. Support the couple here.

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Kim Soo Hyun x Han Ga In

kim soo hyun han ga in

Kim Soo Hyun shook countless viewers with his role in “The Moon that Embraces the Sun,” starring alongside veteran actress Han Ga In. The main reason this pairing received so much love was because of the plot and the way they played it out: star-crossed lovers in such close proximity, with no idea that their one true love was within their reach the whole time. The child actors (Yeo Jin Goo and Kim Yoo Jung) setting the stage in the first six episodes contributes a great deal to this factor. Kim Soo Hyun’s impeccable acting, especially his tears, also makes you want to tear your heart out and give it to the couple so their love can be completed forever and ever.

kim soo hyun crying

Kim Soo Hyun x Jung Eun Pyo

kim soo hyun jung eun pyo

Among many of his co-stars, Kim Soo Hyun picked up two more popular ships by the end of “The Moon that Embraces the Sun.” One of them was with his eunuch, played by Jung Eun Pyo. Their interactions throughout the episodes were hilarious, providing the comic relief the viewers craved in the midst of all the sadness and longing. And these two played the part out perfectly. Jung Eun Pyo also cameoed in Kim Soo Hyun’s later work “My Love from the Stars,” showing their strong friendship even after the end of their drama together.

Kim Soo Hyun x Song Jae Rim


The final pairing Kim Soo Hyun was a part of in “The Moon that Embraces the Sun” is with his bodyguard, played by Song Jae Rim. The immense love, care, and loyalty these two had for each other since childhood until the final episode touched many of the viewers. According to his eunuch, the palace even talked of the king (Kim Soo Hyun) preferring Woon (Song Jae Rim) over the queen. And when Kim Soo Hyun told Song Jae Rim to join him during a bath – well, that pretty much solidified this ship… forever.

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Kim Soo Hyun x Jun Ji Hyun


This is the one that most people know about, and they are that popular for a reason. First of all, they are a good looking couple. A great looking couple, in fact. They stand out even among all the other good looking celebrity pairings. But it’s not just that they’re good looking. Kim Soo Hyun, arguably, had the best chemistry with Jun Ji Hyun in “My Love from the Stars.” They made each other shine in their roles – essentially what great chemistry is about. Their ability to be sweet, romantic, hilarious, endearing, and lovable came partly from the fact that they’re both talented and also from the fact that they were acting with the other. They showed the same chemistry before, in the movie “Thieves” (although, in my opinion, not nearly as half as well as they did in this drama). Support the couple here.

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Here’s a bonus. (I apologize for the lack of english subs, but it’s still really funny.)

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