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While appearing on “Radio Star” with his fellow cast members of “I Live Alone,” Shinhwa‘s Kim Dong Wan is put on the hot seat when he’s asked a question about his former girlfriend and the way that she left him.

According to the hosts, they heard that the last thing she ever said to him was “You’re weird.” Kim Dong Wan says that she split up with him last year when he was planning to leave Korea to study abroad in Canada for three months. He admits that when she asked him to choose between her and Canada, he chose Canada, but he felt like he was dumped.

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Kim Gu Ra points out that he could have just left for three months and come back without them needing to break up, to which Kim Dong Wan says, “Right? I’m not weird!”

His fellow cast members don’t exactly jump to agree with him though, as they point out that he was probably neglecting her before then as well – which he says is true – and that he seems like a bit of a nag – which he also admits, even adding that he’s a jealous type and she was trying to make him jealous.

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After discussing it for awhile though, the hosts and his fellow cast members come to the conclusion that she was actually cheating on him and not just trying to provoke his jealous streak, which completely shocks Kim Dong Wan.

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The worst part is that he says he’s had that kind of thing happen to him with two different girls, with the other girl telling him several times that she couldn’t contact him over the weekend because she was going on a holiday with friends. He says in the beginning he thought it was okay, but as it began to happen more often he started to wonder if she was married. “Who were these girls you were dating?” asks Kim Gu Ra, flabbergasted. Yoon Jong Shin laughs and says, “You’re weird!”

Later on, Yoon Jong Shin asks him, “Didn’t you bring your girlfriend to our cafe one time?”

“I did twice, but they were two different girls.” Kim Dong Wan then adds, laughing, “I said to your wife, ‘Please pretend you don’t know me.'”

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The hosts then come to the conclusion that both he and his girlfriends were pretty weird!

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Check out the May 13 episode of “Radio Star” for more!

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