Lee Jong Suk Is Your Dream Date in Jung Yeop’s “My Valentine” MV

On May 15, the music video for the song “My Valentine,” by Jung Yeop of Brown Eyed Soul, was unveiled.

The music video stars model-actor Lee Jong Suk in a one-man act. In the video, Lee Jong Suk can be seen preparing himself for a special date with his “Valentine,” as he tries on a variety of outfits, and even writes up a letter addressed to his date on an old-fashioned typewriter.

These scenes match perfectly with the sweet lyrics of the song, which Jung Yeop previously explained he wrote while imagining a date with a special someone.

“My Valentine” is a track included in Jung Yeop’s third full-length album titled “Merry Go Round,” which was also released through music sites on May 15.

Take a listen to the beautiful song and music video below!