What Would You Do with the Last Food Your Mom Ever Made? Kim Gyuri Tells Her Story

On the upcoming episode of SBS’ “Did You Eat?“, actress Kim Gyuri will be telling her personal story of loss and love.

According to preview press releases, Kim Gyuri discussed during the episode recording how, whenever she sees kimchi, she thinks about her mom.

Kimchi is already a symbol of motherly love as it is a staple Korean dish that is often made by the women of the family. For Kim Gyuri, there is an extra layer of nostalgia associated with the food as she lost her mother 12 years ago.

Kim Gyuri described with tears forming in her eyes, “When I came back home after my mother’s funeral, I discovered the last jar of kimchi my mom made.” She continued, “I couldn’t bring myself to eat it for a year because it seemed like it was the last connection to my mom.” In the end, mold developed on the the kimchi and Kim Gyuri had no choice but to throw it out.

Kim Gyuri tells us story to which we can all relate, regardless of where we are from. Death is a part of life but what do we do with what is left behind by those who are no longer with us? It’s a question we all end up asking, and Kim Gyuri shares her story with viewers of “Did You Eat?”, reminding us to grateful for family and the love and care they provide us.

This episode of “Did You Eat?” airs on May 17.

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