GOT7’s Jackson Is Close With Many Celebrities?

GOT7‘s Jackson recently reaffirmed his sociable personality, alluding to his many friends within the entertainment industry.

Earlier this month, Soompi sat down with an exclusive interview with GOT7 on their first U.S. Fanmeeting Tour in San Francisco, where the group answered questions sent in by fans through #AskGOT7 on Twitter. When asked by Soompier @yangpadra about his best celebrity friends, member Jackson claimed that he has a friends list so long that he can “go on until tomorrow [talking about it].” With some prodding, however, Jackson finally admits that his closest friend is none other than f(x)‘s Amber, whom he had supported with a cameo in “Shake That Brass” earlier this year. Fellow group-mate BamBam interjected that he, too, was close with Amber, causing Jackson to change his answer to Super Junior M‘s Henry. Seems like the English speakers of the K-pop world have a strong and tightly-knit bond! (PS – Towards the end, Jackson also named a certain duo as his close friends – we’ll let you figure that one out!)

If you’re curious about who the other members chose as their best celebrity friends (spoiler: a certain cast member of “Dream High 2” was picked by JB), or what their first impressions were of one another, be sure to check out the #AskGOT7 interview below: